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April may bring spring showers, but it also brought some very fast swimming from our LMSC! There were 141 members who participated in either the Colonies Zone Championship meet in Fairfax, VA (Apr 8-10) or in the USMS National Championship in Greensboro, NC (Apr 28-May 1). Results and photos for both events have been posted to our website.

The participation level was inspiring: those 141 individuals represented 14 different clubs across both states in our LMSC. While VMST led the way with 61 swimmer and Club Tribe featured a very fast group of 31 swimmers across both meets, kudos also to Freedom Aquatic Club, Fredricksburg American Family Fitness and Quest Masters for all fielding five or more swimmers at these meets. Also impressive was the fact that there were 32 motivated swimmers who competed in both meets!

But it wasn’t just about participation: many LMSC records fell during the month of April! At zones, 19 individual records and five relay records were broken, led by Greg Harris and Beth Schreiner with six and three records each, respectively. Impressively, four of the five relay records were broken by Club Tribe; one of these, the 18+ Women’s 400 Free Relay by Courtney Hurtubise, Katie Grier, Gabrielle Mizerak, and Sara Shaner, was a new national record! In terms of team scores, Virginia Masters came in 5th and Club Tribe came in 6th in the combined scores. Please click here for the complete results and splits.

That was simply the prelude for the all-out assault on the record book that took place in Greensboro at nationals, where a whopping 68 new LMSC records were set (54 individual, 14 relay). Five swimmers — Harris, Mizerak, Grier, Sidney GlassMarcia Barry, and Douglas Slater — each set four records apiece, while Club Tribe set nine of the relay records. Three of the new records were also national records: Johnnie Detrick continues to get better with age, lowering her own national record in the 80-84 100 IM by 1.5 seconds, while the young speedsters at Club Tribe added to their national records in the 18+ age group in the Women’s 200 free relay (with the same quartet of Mizerak, Shaner, Hurtubise, and Grier as in the 400 free record they set at zones) and in the Mixed 400 free relay (with Kevin GallagherKyle Loughran, Grier and Mizerak). Impressively, our LMSC had two teams finish in the top 10 local clubs, Club Tribe coming in at 7th and Virginia Masters at 8th.

The complete list of new LMSC records that had been rewritten after all the dust settled is given in the table below, which can be searched; note that some of the records set at the zone meet were later broken at nationals. Congratulations to all the people who went to either (or both!) of these meets.

Records Set in April, 2016

30-34400 IMMenNationalsAdam Barley4:13.74
65-69500 FreeWomenNationalsMarcia Barry6:56.05
65-691650 FreeWomenNationalsMarcia Barry23:24.66
65-6950 BackWomenNationalsMarcia Barry38.10
65-69100 BackWomenNationalsMarcia Barry1:23.75
70-7450 BreastWomenNationalsPam Dameron45.73
80-84200 FreeWomenNationalsJohhnie Detrick3:19.00
80-8450 BreastWomenNationalsJohnnie Detrick50.93
80-84100 IMWomenNationalsJohhnie Detrick1:42.51
25-2950 FreeMenNationalsKevin Gallagher20.61
25-2950 FlyMenNationalsKevin Gallagher23.33
65-6950 FlyWomenNationalsTerry Sue Gault35.94
18-2450 BackMenNationalsSidney Glass23.45
18-24100 BackMenNationalsSidney Glass52.30
18-24200 BackMenNationalsSidney Glass1:54.51
18-24100 IMMenNationalsSidney Glass51.86
18-241000 FreeWomenZonesKaley Gregory10:52.83
18-241650 FreeWomenNationalsKaley Gregory18:08.86
35-3950 FreeWomenNationalsKatie Grier24.02
35-39100 FreeWomenNationalsKatie Grier52.29
35-39200 FreeWomenNationalsKatie Grier1:57.30
35-3950 BackWomenNationalsKatie Grier27.94
35-39100 BreastWomenNationalsKristen Harris1:09.09
50-5450 FreeMenZonesGregory Harris22.83
50-54100 FreeMenNationalsGregory Harris49.96
50-54200 FreeMenZonesGregory Harris1:54.59
50-5450 BreastMenNationalsGregory Harris29.16
50-54100 BreastMenZonesGregory Harris1:02.71
50-54200 BreastMenNationalsGregory Harris2:24.40
50-54100 IMMenZonesGregory Harris58.05
50-54400 IMMenNationalsGregory Harris4:47.01
70-7450 FreeMenNationalsHank Holswade26.96
70-74100 FreeMenNationalsHank Holswade1:01.52
70-7450 BackMenNationalsHank Holswade33.86
30-3450 BackWomenNationalsElizabeth Joiner29.18
30-34200 BackWomenNationalsElizabeth Joiner2:19.89
50-541000 FreeMenZonesRob Jones10:36.39
50-541650 FreeMenZonesRob Jones17:41.21
18-2450 BreastWomenNationalsAmalia Kobelja29.59
25-29100 BreastWomenNationalsDenise Letendre1:09.46
25-29200 BreastWomenNationalsDenise Letendre2:28.96
35-39100 IMMenNationalsMichael Lovett53.70
60-64200 FlyMenZonesJohn Mccorkle2:37.18
55-59200 BreastWomenNationalsPatricia Miller2:52.25
18-24200 FreeWomenNationalsGabrielle Mizerak1:54.11
18-2450 FlyWomenNationalsGabrielle Mizerak25.53
18-24100 FlyWomenNationalsGabrielle Mizerak56.22
18-24100 IMWomenNationalsGabrielle Mizerak59.49
50-5450 FreeWomenNationalsAnnette Patterson26.12
50-5450 BackWomenNationalsAnnette Patterson29.00
50-54100 BackWomenNationalsAnnette Patterson1:05.74
75-79200 FreeWomenZonesBeth Schreiner2:59.85
75-7950 BackWomenNationalsBeth Schreiner41.62
75-79100 BackWomenNationalsBeth Schreiner1:31.70
75-79200 BackWomenNationalsBeth Schreiner3:20.54
18-24100 BreastWomenNationalsSara Shaner1:09.80
25-2950 FreeWomenNationalsKatie Sieben24.99
25-29100 FlyWomenNationalsKatie Sieben58.05
55-5950 BackMenNationalsDouglas Slater27.64
55-59100 BackMenNationalsDouglas Slater59.71
55-59200 BackMenNationalsDouglas Slater2:13.79
55-59100 IMMenNationalsDouglas Slater1:00.60
70-741650 FreeMenNationalsJames Slaughter26:48.09
18+200 Free RelayWomenNationalsMizerak, Shaner, Hurtubise, Grier (1693)1:35.66
18+200 Medley RelayWomenNationalsMizerak, Harris, Grier, Shaner (1693)1:47.62
18+400 Free RelayWomenZonesHurtubise, Grier, Mizerak, Shaner (1693)3:35.45
18+200 Free RelayMenNationalsGallagher, Loughran, Fay, Glass (1693)1:23.73
18+200 Medley RelayMenNationalsGlass, Fay, Gallagher, Loughran (1693)1:33.86
45+200 Free RelayMenNationalsHarris, Sprenger, Vaughn, Clear (VMST)1:36.57
45+200 Medley RelayMenNationalsClear, Harris, Tudor, Johnson (VMST)1:48.04
18+200 Free RelayMixedNationalsGallagher, Loughran, Shaner, Mizerak (1693)1:29.14
18+200 Medley RelayMixedNationalsMizerak, Glass, Gallagher, Shaner (1693)1:39.74
18+400 Free RelayMixedNationalsGallagher, Loughran, Grier, Mizerak (1693)3:14.92
35+200 Free RelayMixedNationalsHurtubise, Lovett, WIlliams, Grier (1693)1:33.01
35+200 Medley RelayMixedNationalsGrier, Williams, Lovett, Hurtubise (1693)1:44.12
45+200 Medley RelayMixedNationalsClear, Harris, Hodgert, Patterson (VMST)1:52.78
45+400 Free RelayMixedNationalsHarris, Clear, Kellinger, Gras Thompson (VMST)3:53.71
55+200 Free RelayMixedNationalsTudor, Loftus-Charley, Miller, Holswade (VMST)1:52.81
55+800 Free RelayMixedZonesRomo, Miller, Swiger, Loftus-Charley (VMST)10:26.10


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