Meet Results

Lake Moomaw Results

Results from Saturday’s swim at Lake Moomaw have been uploaded! We’ve uploaded some photos as well.

Polly and Wendi celebrating at Moomaw! Click for more photos.

Polly Arnott and Wendi Boggess celebrating at Moomaw! Click for more photos.

Message from Dave Holland, race director:

Congratulations to everyone, and thank you for making this such a rewarding event. It’s always inspiring to hear your personal stories, and to share in the process of watching people of all ages and backgrounds as they face a challenge together.

Thanks again to Lee Roe and the Westvaco Water Rescue, to Jim Kern and Falling Spring Rescue, to Sandra Denius, Teresa & Rusty Hammond from the Alleghany-Highlands Chamber of Commerce.

Jennifer Johnston had a great perspective as she crossed the finish line, so I’ll share her words here:

“Any day you can get up and do this is a great day!”


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