USMS Officials Certification Program

One of the most daunting tasks for meet hosts is to secure officials. A common strategy is to use officials certified by USA Swimming or other swimming organizations, but sometimes that is not sufficient. USMS has now started its own certification program; please see this page for more details.

There are currently two certification levels: Stroke and Turn Official, and Starter. Note that USMS certification is NOT required for officials currently certified by USA Swimming, NCAA, NFHS, or the YMCA.


One Response to “USMS Officials Certification Program”

  1. Excellent idea and long overdue. I have been meet director for a number of USMS meets in the past and have attended many more where officials were difficult to acquire or the meet had to held with a bare minimum of officials. Using USA officials frequently caused some problems because of some differences in rules.

    I do recommend either USA or USMS membership for the officials.

    Walking the deck with experienced officials should be included before certification, but not as long as USA requires.

    Specific training on stroke differences and how starts can be different should be emphasized.

    If the desire is to allow USA officials to achieve USMS certification, a written exam should be made of the differences. USA officials should be welcomed.,

    A program of this sort should aid meet managers and directors.


    Is this effort to be done only at HQ or is this to be a distributed development, possibly online? If distributed, I would be willing to volunteer.

    Posted by Harry P DeLong | 02/17/2017, 7:49 am

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