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Colonies Zone SCY Championship

The Colonies Zone SCY Championship was held Apr 7-9 at George Mason University, and our LMSC put on an impressive show! Results and photos have been uploaded.

This was a big meet, with 460 swimmers entered, representing 72 clubs from 10 states and the District of Columbia.  Of these, 98 swimmers were from our LMSC, including 31 from VMST and 28 from 1693 (Club Tribe). These two teams brought home the bacon, with VMST scoring 1344 points to win the overall team championship in convincing fashion, beating second-place Reston Masters by over 100 points. Club Tribe did not disappoint either, scoring 890 points to come in fourth place, a mere 12 points away from third-place Alexandria Masters. Nice teamwork, swimmers!

Many LMSC records fell: 32 new marks were set (see below). Shirley Loftus-Charley, as is so often the case, set the pace with five new standards, while a trio of Tribe swimmers — Marina FalconeKristen Harris, and Kevin Gallagher — each set three new LMSC records. LMSC swimmers set a number of new zone championship records as well; check out the meet results for more details on those. But most impressively, two Club Tribe Relays set new national records! The relay of Alexandra Czaplicki, Kristen, Marina, and Katie Grier set a new USMS record in the Women’s 25+ 400 Medley Relay, while Marina, Katie, Luke Robbins, and Kevin Gallagher combined to set a new national record in the Mixed 25+ 800 Free Relay.

Great job to all these swimmers, and everyone else who competed!

New LMSC Records from 2017 SCY Zones

Age GroupGenderEventNameTime
25-29Women100 FreeMarina Falcone52.00
25-29Women200 FreeMarina Falcone1:52.76
25-29Women50 FlyMarina Falcone26.00
35-39Women50 BackKatie Grier27.81
35-39Women50 FlyKatie Grier26.26
40-44Women50 BreastKristen Harris31.34
40-44Women100 BreastKristen Harris1:09.86
40-44Women200 BreastKristen Harris2:32.09
65-69Women100 FreeShirley Loftus-Charley1:07.58
65-69Women100 BackShirley Loftus-Charley1:20.04
65-69Women200 BackShirley Loftus-Charley2:46.37
65-69Women50 FlyShirley Loftus-Charley35.02
65-69Women200 IMShirley Loftus-Charley2:45.52
85-89Women500 FreeLesley Francis11:37.61
25-29Men50 FreeKevin Gallagher20.56
25-29Men100 FreeKevin Gallagher45.53
25-29Men50 FlyKevin Gallagher22.99
40-44Men50 BreastRich Williams28.43
75-79Men50 FlyRandolph Wise35.04
18+Women800 Free RelayAdams, Wallace, Letendre, Anderson-Kratzer (VMST)10:20.56
25+Women200 Medley RelayGrier, Harris, Falcone, Shaner (1693)1:53.15
25+Women400 Free RelayGrier, Greene, Falcone, Shaner (1693)3:38.21
25+Women400 Medley RelayCzaplicki, Harris, Falcone, Grier (1693)4:00.63
55+Women400 Free RelayMiller, Walker, Loftus-Charley, Boslego (VMST)5:06.82
25+Men400 Free RelayGallagher, Loughran, Hensley, Robbins (1693)3:21.37
35+Men400 Free RelayWilliams, Earle, Nison, Lovett (1693)3:29.37
35+Men400 Medley RelayRockwell, Williams, Nison, Lovett (1693)3:45.77
45+Men400 Free RelayClear, Harris, Tudor, Sprenger (VMST)3:42.85
45+Men400 Medley RelayClear, Tudor, Harris, Sprenger (VMST)4:18.48
45+Men800 Free RelayClear, Tudor, Harris, Sprenger (VMST)8:38.62
25+Mixed400 Free RelayFalcone, Loughran, Shaner, Gallagher (1693)3:19.84
25+Mixed800 Free RelayFalcone, Grier, Robbins, Gallagher (1693)7:20.49


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