Swimming Down Memory Lane

Scanned version of some older LMSC and VMST newsletters have been posted on the website!

Heather and I are excited to take over as newsletter editors, though a little intimidated by Betsy Durrant’s long and illustrious tenure at the post. I recently unearthed a cache of old paper copies of the newsletters that were mailed during the late 1990s. Back then, the newsletter came in two flavors: the LMSC newsletter and a VMST-specific newsletter. However, at that time the majority of LMSC members (at least two-thirds, I believe) were also VMST members and the distinction between the two was often lost.

The newsletters have been scanned and posted on the website, just click on the “Older Issues” link about halfway down the page. Enjoy! If anyone else wants to mail me some of their older issues, I will be glad to scan and post them. Just send me a message and we’ll figure it out.

For people who have been around even longer, USMS also has a treat for you: all the old USMS Swim-Master issues, 1971-1991, have been posted on the USMS website. The History and Archives committee has posted a lot of great stuff about USMS’ early years! Definitely worth a look.



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