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Club Tribe Wins Zones

Colonies Zone Short Course Yards Championship, held Apr 13-15 at George Mason University, was the site of some fast swimming! Club Tribe won the Large Team division — Virginia Masters came in third in the same division — while members of our LMSC set six new national records!

There were an impressive 63 new LMSC records set at the meet (42 individual, 21 relay), which are listed below. Lucas Bureau led the way with six individual records in the 18-24 age group, one of which (100 IM) was also a new national record. Harry Sober (5), Ed Gaulrapp (4) and Doug Slater (4) also helped re-write the LMSC Record book. Of the 21 relay records, Club Tribe set 13 of them while Virginia Masters set the other 8. These two clubs each set five new national relay records: Club Tribe in the Women 25+ 400 Free Relay, Men 18+ 800 Free Relay, and Mixed 18+ 400 Medley Relay, while VMST set new marks in the Men 75+ 400 Free Relay and Mixed 75+ 200 Free Relay.

The complete results are have been uploaded. Congratulations, everyone!

New LMSC Records at SCY Zones

Lucas Bureau18-24Men50 Free20.24
Lucas Bureau18-24Men100 Free43.97
Lucas Bureau18-24Men200 Free1:39.93
Lucas Bureau18-24Men50 Fly21.95
Lucas Bureau18-24Men100 Fly47.41
Lucas Bureau18-24Men100 IM49.23
Robert Chenault55-59Men50 Breast30.58
Kevin Gallagher30-34Men50 Free20.65
Kevin Gallagher30-34Men100 Free45.67
Edward Gaulrapp75-79Men200 Breast3:45.81
Edward Gaulrapp75-79Men200 Fly3:57.02
Edward Gaulrapp75-79Men200 IM3:38.27
Edward Gaulrapp75-79Men400 IM7:37.23
Sidney Glass25-29Men50 Back23.6
Andrew Greenhalgh18-24Men500 Free4:29.09
Katie Grier35-39Women100 Free51.91
Gregory Harris50-54Men200 Breast2:20.62
Gregory Harris50-54Men200 IM2:08.10
James Henderson18-24Men100 Back52.17
Denise Letendre25-29Women200 Breast2:28.64
Denise Letendre25-29Women400 IM4:37.98
Ann Lyttle70-74Women200 Free2:39.48
Victoria Maqueda25-29Women50 Breast31.3
Victoria Maqueda25-29Women100 Breast1:09.27
Gabrielle Mizerak25-29Women50 Back28.11
Gabrielle Mizerak25-29Women50 Fly25.89
Gabrielle Mizerak25-29Women100 IM1:01.22
Ken Novell75-79Men200 Free2:40.56
Ken Novell75-79Men100 Back1:27.68
Laura Schwartz18-24Women100 Breast1:07.05
Laura Schwartz18-24Women200 Breast2:24.53
Laura Schwartz18-24Women200 IM2:09.53
Douglas Slater60-64Men100 Free54.14
Douglas Slater60-64Men100 Back1:00.29
Douglas Slater60-64Men200 Back2:14.89
Douglas Slater60-64Men100 IM1:00.09
Harry Sober75-79Men50 Free28.89
Harry Sober75-79Men100 Free1:04.67
Harry Sober75-79Men50 Back36.23
Harry Sober75-79Men50 Fly33.48
Harry Sober75-79Men100 IM1:19.78
Laura Walker80-84Women200 Back4:01.30
1693 (Wujciak, Schwartz, Ryczek, Greene)18+Women800 Free Relay8:01.73
1693 (Mizerak, Shaner, Gass, Grier)25+Women200 Free Relay1:38.28
1693 (Mizerak, Maqueda, Grier, Shaner)25+Women400 Free Relay3:36.62
1693 (Greenhalgh, Bureau, Loughran, Gallagher)18+Men400 Free Relay3:04.86
1693 (Slater, Head, Gass, Stamps)18+Men400 Medley Relay3:58.49
1693 (Bureau, Henderson, Glass, Greenhalgh)18+Men800 Free Relay6:53.52
1693 (Gallagher, Loughran, Fay, Glass)25+Men200 Free Relay1:24.75
1693 (Glass, Fay, Elsaesser, Bulakul)25+Men200 Medley Relay1:34.71
1693 (Bulakul, Williams, Elsaesser, Lovett)25+Men400 Medley Relay3:45.52
1693 (Gass, Rockwell, Lenewsky, Earle)35+Men800 Free Relay8:16.59
1693 (Glass, Schwartz, Glass, Grier)18+Mixed400 Medley Relay3:41.42
1693 (Greenhalgh, Ryczek, Henderson, Wujciak)18+Mixed800 Free Relay7:21.24
1693 (Glass, Fay, Mizerak, Shaner)25+Mixed200 Medley Relay1:39.63
VMST (Letendre, Gregory, Wallace, Barry)25+Women800 Free Relay9:23.37
VMST (Barry, Speer, Miller, Jaeger)55+Women400 Medley Relay5:46.19
VMST (Sober, Gaulrapp, Novell, Wise)75+Men200 Free Relay2:07.86
VMST (Sober, Gaulrapp, Wise, Novell)75+Men200 Medley Relay2:23.92
VMST (Sober, Gaulrapp, Wise, Novell)75+Men400 Free Relay4:53.92
VMST (Sober, Gaulrapp, Novell, Wise)75+Men400 Medley Relay6:42.67
VMST (Schreiner, Walker, Gaulrapp, Novell)75+Mixed200 Free Relay2:26.97
VMST (Walker, Gaulrapp, Wise, Schreiner)75+Mixed200 Medley Relay2:51.39


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