April Issue of The Wet Gazette

The April 2019 edition of the LMSC Newsletter, The Wet Gazettehas been uploaded. Items in this month’s issue include:

  • An inspiring article describing the activities of Craig Bauer, this year’s recipient of the Virginia LMSC Volunteer Service Award.
  • A meet recap of the 2019 Club Tribe Masters Classic annual meet, which took place March 23 in Williamsburg.
  • A recap of the LMSC Leadership Summit by LMSC Chair Kirk Clear
  • Details of the new world record set by the remarkable VMST quartet of Barbara Boslego, Shirley Loftus-Charley, Ann Lyttle, and Beth Schreiner, as well as other new LMSC records set at the 2019 Albatross Open held on March 30.
  • Information about the upcoming John Shrum Memorial Cable Swims, which will be held June 1 at Chris Greene Lake in Charlottesville, VA. Check out our website for more details about this excellent and longstanding annual event.
  • Don’t forget to check the website for other upcoming events and other stories.

As always, you can find the latest issue of The Wet Gazette right here. Bookmark it! We also list past issues on our website. If you have any articles or information that you’d like to appear in the next newsletter, please contact the editor.


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