June Issue of The Wet Gazette

The June 2019 edition of the LMSC Newsletter, The Wet Gazettehas been uploaded. Items in this month’s issue include:

  • Another great article from Coaches Chair Rich Williams, “Beating Father Time”
  • An article from our Officials Chair (and the USMS Rules Committee Chair), Charlie Cockrell, about the tremedous impact of our great volunteer meet officials and how they can become certified.
  • Recap of the John Shrum Memorial Cable Swim, which was held on June 1.
  • Information about the upcoming Lake Moomaw 1-mile OW swim in gorgeous Alleghany County. The perfect excuse for an early-August getaway! Online entries are due Aug 1.
  • Some great photos of our members. Can you identify our mystery swimmer from an old photo?
  • Don’t forget to check the website for other upcoming events and other stories.

As always, you can find the latest issue of The Wet Gazette right here. Bookmark it! We also list past issues on our website. If you have any articles or information that you’d like to appear in the next newsletter, please contact the editor.


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