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LCM 2019 Season Wrap-Up

The final Top 10 lists for the 2019 long-course meters season (LCM19) have been published. The season ran from Oct 1, 2018, thru Sept 30, 2019.

This past season, there were no long-course meets in our LMSC, no long-course zone championship, and summer nationals were in far-away California. Despite the lack of opportunity, a few swimmers from our LMSC still managed to make their way to 50 m pools: there were 36 ranked individual swims and  even one ranked relay from VMST. There were nine swimmers who had at least one Top 10 swim; Ida Hlavacek led the way with 11 listings, followed by Marcia Barry with 9 swims. Two of Marcia’s swims were ranked as the fastest in the nation! Great job, everyone.

More details on these and other recent Top 10 achievements are given elsewhere on our website. Anyone making a Top 10 list can order Top 10 patches to commemorate the achievement. Nicely-formatted booklets are also available for download.

The LMSC record book was also re-written in the past SCY season:  12 new individual records were set, with Shirley Loftus-Charley setting the pace with six new marks. Three of her swims set new Colonies Zone records!

The mythical national championship rankings are based on scoring the Top 10 swims by zone, LMSC or club. As an LMSC, Virginia was ranked 33rd out of the 52 LMSCs, while at the club level VMST was our best performer, placing 61st out of the 260+ clubs with members who recorded Top 10 swims. These are respectable placings considering how few swimmers made it to a 50m pool, but with summer nationals in Richmond in 2020, look for a much more impressive showing next year!

Congratulations to everyone who ventured out and swam in the long pools last year!


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