The Virginia Local Masters Swim Committee (LMSC)

The Virginia LMSC is one of 52 LMSCs in US Masters Swimming. Those LMSCs are also grouped into eight zones, ours being the southernmost of the ten-member Colonies Zone. The USMS website has more information about our LMSC, including a current list of members and registered clubs.

A more detailed profile of the LMSC is also available. Current LMSC officers are displayed in the sidebar to the right; please contact us if you have questions.

Boundaries for the Virginia LMSC include most of the counties in the states of Virginia and West Virginia, colored blue in the figure below. The yellow counties (Arlington and Fairfax in VA, and Hancock, Brook, Ohio and Marshall in WV) are located outside the LMSC boundaries, though residents of those counties can still register with us.  The black squares show the locations of the clubs that registered with our LMSC in 2015; note that VMST has many satellite locations not shown on the map. (No club near you? Why not start a new one!)


LMSC Officers

Chair: Dave Holland
Vice-Chair: Denise Letendre
Secretary: Alice Phillips
Treasurer: Charlie Cockrell
Registrar: Shirley Loftus-Charley
Coaches: (none)
Fitness: Pam Dameron
Long Distance: Dave Holland
Newsletter: Betsy Durrant
Officials: Charlie Cockrell
Recs & Top Ten: Chris Stevenson
Review: Heather Stevenson
Safety: Jim Miller
Sanctions: Heather Stevenson
Webmaster: Chris Stevenson