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Inspiring Video about New World Relay Record in 85+

Just a few months ago four Americans, all 85+, set a new world record in the 200 free relay at the Rowdy Gaines Classic in Florida.  This moving video story tells a tale familiar to many of us, a tale of how swimming keeps you vital, how you can overcome serious illness, and how camaraderie […]

Pen Pineapple Paddle Head Drill?!

Check out this new video from the Phlex Swim Channel.  While the drill itself has been around a while, this video provides some beautifully shot footage and a bit of quirky dialogue to add entertainment value.  The new Phlex You Tube channel promises regular video releases , including gear reviews and another recent skill clip […]

Facing Fears in the New Year

When is the last time you put yourself into a competitive situation?  Many of us have a list of reasons why we don’t compete, and for sure, some of them are important to heed.  BUT, many of us also have reasons that are actually excuses.  By far, one of the best things about masters is […]