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Timing in Butterfly

A successful butterfly is all about synchronization of the kick and pull. A recent article in Swimming Science titled “Kick Timing in Butterfly” steps through the sequence.

March Issue of The Wet Gazette

The March 2014 edition of the LMSC Newsletter, The Wet Gazettehas been uploaded.

Silky Smooth vs Swinger

Unlike many coaches, the folks at SwimSmooth subscribe to the theory that there are two equally valid ideals for swimming freestyle: smooth swimmers and swingers.

2013 World Rankings

The 2013 FINA Top 10 lists have been published for LCM and SCM, and our LMSC has done well. There were a total of 78 ranked swims (67 individual, 11 relays) by LMSC members, including ten top-ranked swims in 2013!

SWIMMER Magazine Open Water Issue

Spring is just around the corner, and that means people are starting to think about open water swimming again! The Mar-Apr issue of SWIMMER Magazine is the annual issue devoted to the discipline of OW swimming.

Underwater Dolphin Kicking

Swimming Science published a three-part article which may help appreciate the basic science of the art of dolphin kicking.

A Good Kind of Crazy

Warrenton Masters (WAVA) is excited to be offering a one of a kind postal swim without “crawl”: the Butterfly is Not a Crime postal event.

February Issue of The Wet Gazette

The February 2014 edition of the LMSC Newsletter, The Wet Gazettehas been uploaded

2013 Open Water and Long Distance All Americans

The list of Open Water/Long Distance All Americans for 2013 has been published.

SCM 2013 Preliminary Top 10 Lists

The preliminary Top 10 listings for the 2013 short-course meters (SCM) season are now available. Please check for inaccuracies and email Mary Beth Windrath, the National Swims Administrator, with potential corrections by Feb 28.

David Gregg Results

Results from the VMST David Gregg III Memorial Meet have been uploaded to our website. There were 136 swimmers entered in the meet, including 125 from our LMSC.

David Gregg Psych Sheets

Psych sheets have been posted based on early entries to the VMST David Gregg III Memorial Meet this weekend.