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Checking It Off in 2013

Not that interested in competition or travel? Then perhaps postal events are for you: you can compete in your own pool with an audience of your choosing. One great event is the Check-Off Challenge, which lasts all year.

Going with the Flow

A new year is often a time for re-dedication and goal setting. A nice post on the Feel for the Water blog explains how both short-term and long-term goals set at the proper difficulty level can help us get into “the zone.”

It’s Good to be Fifty and Fit!

A recent New York Times article, “The Benefits of Middle-Age Fitness,” brings up some important nuances about the effects of exercise on aging.

Shoulders: An Ounce of Prevention

The FINA Sport Medicine Committee, which includes VMST Coach Dr. Jim Miller as a member, has released an excellent video of exercises to help prevent shoulder problems.

Fitness Challenges and Events

Most USMS members will not participate in a pool meet or open water race this year, but there are still a number of non-competitive Fitness Events that can help motivate you. The two most prominent are the Check Off Challenge and the Go The Distance events.

Is He Drowning?

Mario Vittone has posted an excellent article, “Drowning doesn’t look like drowning.” Want to do more to encourage adults to learn to swim or include swimming as a healthy lifestyle choice? Consider giving your time or talents to the USMS Swimming Saves Lives foundation.

Fitness Swimming Matters

Linda Shoenberger wrote a nice article, “Why Fitness Swimming Matters,” that underscores the importance of swimming as a healthy lifestyle.

The Smart Jock

A number of recent articles have highlighted studies that show that exercising improves the health of the body AND the brain. Whoda thunk it?

SWIM Fitness Challenge

So you want to be USMS’ biggest loser? Give the SWIM Fitness Challenge a try!

USMS 2011 Check-Off Challenge

Interested in a challenge? Try the Check-Off Challenge: complete 18 pool events and one open water swim during the course of the calendar year.

Why Swim?

New Years Day brings many resolutions to improve health and fitness. Swimming is an excellent whole-body, low-impact exercise that is accessible to many; two articles provide details on the benefits and how to get started.

Going the Distance in 2012

One way to reach your fitness goals in 2012 is to participate in Go The Distance (GTD), a self-directed program in which you track the distance you swim for the year.