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What’s for Dinner?

“I swim/exercise a lot so I can eat what I want!” Many of us have heard this statement, perhaps we’ve even made it ourselves. Is it true?

Should I Get a Shoulder MRI?

For many swimmers, shoulder pain is feared above all others. Dr. Ross Hauser has some advice on when you need to take it most seriously in this article.

Jump Like Cullen Jones

Box jumps are a great exercise to develop quickness and power off the blocks. Cullen Jones demonstrates them in a GoSwim video clip.

Ready for a Challenge?

There is still plenty of time to do the Check-off Challenge! This is a non-competition postal event: you have to complete each of the 18 pool events (any course: meters or yards, short-course or long-course) and one open water swim.

Are YOU Going the Distance?

A great¬†Fitness Event run by USMS is Go The Distance! We are almost midway through the year, so if you haven’t done so yet, now is a good time to start.

Cramping While Swimming

What can you do about exercise-induced cramping? Steve Born (Hammer Nutrition) recently posted a nice article about it on the USMS website. Other solutions and causes were also discussed in an interesting thread on the subject on the USMS Discussion Forums.

Dryland Training: Training for Power

This article focuses on why power development is so important in swimming and the exercises that are used to train them at IHPSWIM.

How does exercise keep you young?

Dr. Gabe Mirkin recently addressed the question of “How Exercise Keeps You Young (and Prolongs Your Life).”

Dryland Training for Swimmers: Training the Core

Increasing core strength will enhance a swimmers performance and therefore should be the main goal of a swimmers strength training program. Grif Fig, co-founder of IHPSWIM, describes two exercises that can help.

Getting Out of Bed for Workout

An article by Ali Hall suggests an interesting motivational strategy: asking yourself “will I?” rather than the affirmative “I will!” favored by self-help gurus. Setting challenging but reasonable goals can help: you might want to consider the Go the Distance program.

Yoga for Swimmers

Does yoga offer something special to swimmers to help correct the infamous “swimmer’s slouch” and other issues relating to inflexibility and muscle imbalance? Barbara Won certainly thinks so.

Benefits of Dryland Training

Helen Thurlow recently published an article on the USMS website summarizing the advantages to swimmers: “Are Drylands Worth It?” Here are links to some other swimming-specific dryland exercises.