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2017 LMSC Annual Meeting

The 2017 LMSC Annual meeting will be held Nov 5 at 4 pm at the home of Jim and Patty Miller. Please join us to hear reports from all the Committee Chairs and to learn about new and upcoming events and initiatives, to include Virginia being selected to host the 2020 USMS National Championships! (more…)

LMSC Service Award Winners Announced

Betsy Durrant and Charlie Cockrell were named the two recipients of this year’s Stevenson Service Award, recognizing outstanding volunteer service to Virginia Masters Swimming. The award is presented by the Virginia Local Masters Swim Committee (LMSC), the governing body for U.S. Masters Swimming in Virginia and West Virginia. The award was named for Chris and […]

2016 LMSC Annual Meeting

The 2016 LMSC Annual meeting will be held Nov 6 at 7pm at the home of Jim and Patty Miller. All LMSC members are invited and encouraged to attend; a conference call will be set up for those who cannot physically attend but would like to participate.

Regional or Local Club? A Proposal to the LMSC

In the January newsletter, there was a proposal to change VMST from a Local to a Regional Club, allowing other LMSC clubs to compete under the VMST umbrella in out-of-state meets. The newsletter article is reprinted here to ensure a wide distribution.

Message From the New LMSC Chair

The LMSC had its annual meeting on Sunday Oct 26 and elected officers for the coming two years. The new LMSC chair, Dave Holland, looks ready to hit the ground running; here is a message from our chair.

LMSC Annual Meeting

The Virginia LMSC will hold its annual on Sunday October 26 in Richmond. The meeting is open to all LMSC members. Please contact LMSC Chair Patty Miller if you are interested in attending in person or by conference call.

A Chance to Give Back: Elections for LMSC Officers

The Virginia Local Masters Swim Committee (LMSC) will hold elections for officers at its annual meeting, which will take place in October. If you are interested in running for Chair, Vice chair, Secretary or Treasurer, please contact Chris Stevenson.

Fall Meeting Minutes Posted

The LMSC Board met on Oct 27 in Richmond, VA. The minutes from that meeting have been posted.

Open Water Sanction Fees in the LMSC

The LMSC Executive Committee met by teleconference on Feb 24 to discuss how to handle additional Open Water sanction fees; the meeting minutes have been posted.

You’re Opting Out!

Many LMSC members are choosing to “opt out” of the The Wet Gazette newsletter mailing list, since all our newsletters are also available electronically in PDF format.

No Better Time!

If you haven’t done so yet, register for USMS for 2013! Your membership has never been so valuable.

LMSC Annual Board Meeting

Minutes have been posted for the annual fall meeting of the Board of Directors of the Virginia LMSC, which was held Oct 28 by teleconference.