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SWIMMER Magazine Open Water Issue

Spring is just around the corner, and that means people are starting to think about open water swimming again! The Mar-Apr issue of SWIMMER Magazine is the annual issue devoted to the discipline of OW swimming.

Mark Gangloff Paddle Review

Mark Gangloff posted an excellent review of over a dozen paddles of various types.

Listening To The Music

The Jan-Feb issue of Swimmer Magazine – now available online (for members only) – reviews the latest technology for underwater music. And check out the video review too!

Parka Overview

Fall is a gorgeous time of the year! But it means that winter is coming. So of course many swimmers’ thought turn to a burning question: what to wear on the pool deck?

Pull Buoy Video Review

USMS has just posted another video product review: pull buoys. Honestly, I didn’t realize there were so many different designs out there. Check it out!

Bookmark This: SwimPhone

You’re at a meet and you want to look up your USMS number or results from a previous meet on your smartphone. Sure, you can use your phone’s browser and search the net but there are faster ways…

Video Review: Wetsuits

SWIMMER magazine has posted a video review of wetsuits specifically designed for open water swimming. Check it out!


The Sept/Oct issue of SWIMMER magazine looks especially good this month.

Video review of swim paddles

If you are a USMS member, you may have already received the May/June issue of USMS Swimmer, which reviews many swim paddles. You should also view the companion video of the paddle testing.