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LCM 2012 Season Wrap-Up

The Top 10 lists have been posted for the LCM12 season, which ran from 9/1/11 to 8/31/12 so now is a good time to highlight some impressive long course swimming

Preliminary Top 10 Listings for LCM 2012

The preliminary Top 10 listings for the 2012 long-course meters (LCM) season, which ran 10/1/11 – 9/30/12, are now available. Report any errors to Mary Beth Windrath by Nov 24.

SCY Season Wrap: VMST Wins Mythical Championship

The final Top 10 lists have just been published for the season and our LMSC had some fine performances.

Preliminary SCY Top Ten Lists

The preliminary Top 10 listings for the 2012 short-course yards season, which ran 6/1/11 – 5/31/12, are now available. You can also view the LMSC-specific individual and relay listings.

SCY Top 10 Submission Previews

The Virginia LMSC will soon be submitting times for Top 10 consideration; please inspect the Top 10 submissions previews for Individual and Relay events and let us know if there are any errors by June 15.

World Rankings for 2011

The FINA (world) masters top ten rankings for 2011 are out for both short course meters (SCM) and long course meters (LCM) competition. Members of our LMSC had several noteworthy performances!

2011 All-Americans and All-Stars

The names of the All-Americans and All-Stars for 2011 have been released! There were 22 individual All-Americans in our LMSC (6 long-distance, 16 pool) as well as 18 relay All-Americans. Three All-Stars (2 pool, 1 long distance) hail from our LMSC.

Final SCM 2011 Top Ten Lists

The final Top Ten listings for the 2011 Short-Course Meters (SCM) season have been published, and as usual the swimmers in our LMSC performed extremely well!

Preliminary Top 10 Listings for SCM11

The preliminary Top 10 listings for the 2011 short-course meters (SCM) season, which ran 1/1/11 – 12/31/11, are now available. Members from our LMSC have done posted quite a few potential top ten times in individual and relay swims.

LMSC Top Ten Submissions Preview

The LMSC submissions of times for Top Ten consideration for the SCM11 season have been prepared for individual and relay swims; please examine them and contact the LMSC top ten recorder by Jan 10 if you have any questions.

Recent Results

A few LMSC members have traveled out of state to post some impressive results in some recent meets.

Season Wrap-Up for LCM 2011

The final USMS Top 10 lists have been published for the 2011 LCM season, which ran Oct 1, 2010 – Sept 30, 2011. The season was marked by many great performances by our LMSC.