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Pen Pineapple Paddle Head Drill?!

Check out this new video from the Phlex Swim Channel.  While the drill itself has been around a while, this video provides some beautifully shot footage and a bit of quirky dialogue to add entertainment value.  The new Phlex You Tube channel promises regular video releases , including gear reviews and another recent skill clip […]

It’s Never Too Late To Be Great!

Coach Don Easterling and Suzi Burns, a beginning masters swimmer, talk about her journey to becoming a competitive swimmer. Coach Easterling also shares breaststroke technique tips and ways he helped Suzi get it right.

Should I Do Drills?

Feel For The Water, the blog of the SwimSmooth website, published an article, To Drill Or Not To Drill, That Is The Question that examines the value of swimming drills.

Timing in Butterfly

A successful butterfly is all about synchronization of the kick and pull. A recent article in Swimming Science titled “Kick Timing in Butterfly” steps through the sequence.

Silky Smooth vs Swinger

Unlike many coaches, the folks at SwimSmooth subscribe to the theory that there are two equally valid ideals for swimming freestyle: smooth swimmers and swingers.

Underwater Dolphin Kicking

Swimming Science published a three-part article which may help appreciate the basic science of the art of dolphin kicking.

Smooth Freestyling

SwimSmooth posted an interesting video on YouTube: Olympian Jono Van Hazel swimming at different levels of speed and effort.

Breaststroke Recovery

An article recently posted on the Swimming Science website compares the relative merits of three different types of breaststroke recovery methods.

Two Butterfly Drills

Check out videos of two excellent drills to improve your butterfly.

Freestyle Pull: Paddle vs Propeller

The May-June 2013 issue of SWIMMER Magazine features an article that discusses the relative effectiveness of the sculling S-pull (“propeller”) and the deep-catch pull (“paddle”). USMS has recently uploaded a YouTube video to accompany the article.

Backstroke Over-Reach

One of the most common flaws in backstroke is over-reach. Olympian Glenn Mills of GoSwim describes a drill that might help you to find the optimum hand entry position in backstroke.

Pull Buoys as Diagnostic Tools

Coach Chris Campbell recently posted an interesting article: “Your Brain and a Pull Buoy: The beginning of a beautiful friendship.”