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Pacing your Race in Upcoming Meets

An under-appreciated aspect of racing is adopting the proper pace strategy. Swimming Science has posted a series of articles, Pacing 101 for Swimmers, that present the optimal pace strategy and the physiological reasoning behind it.

Stroke Contrasts: When It’s Good to be Bad

Feel For the Water, the SwimSmooth blog, posted a couple of intriguing articles on the concept of “stroke contrasts.”

Learning to Fly

Butterfly is a very challenging stroke; Cokie Lepinski and Glenn Mills provide some tips and drills on how to master it.

Backstroke Timing Drill

Did you know that you can subscribe to USMS’ own YouTube channel? You would be notified of new videos that are posted, such as the one here on backstroke timing.

Setting up the Freestyle Pull

A recent post in the Swim Smooth Blog, “Bend It Like Becky,” examines the freestyle catch of Olympic gold medalist Rebecca Adlington. In particular, the authors noted that most top freestylers seem to have a slight downward bend early on in their stroke, leading naturally to the Early Vertical Forearm used by so many top […]

Rebecca Soni’s Breaststroke Deconstructed

Dr. Brent S. Rushall has analyzed Rebecca Soni’s breaststroke based on underwater video. Check it out!

Paddles or Propellers? How to Swim Perfectly

A recent NY Times article, Delineating the Perfect Swim Stroke, addressed the physics of efficient swimming.

Sharper Turns in Open Water Swims

An overlooked aspect of open water swimming is turns. “Turns,” you say? “But there are no walls in the open water!” Well, keep reading….!

Freestyle Head Position

Paul Newsome of Swim Smooth argues that no single head position in freestyle works optimally for every swimmer.

Breaststroke Underwater Dolphin Kick

USA Swimming has issued an updated interpretation of the rules for the timing of the underwater dolphin kick during the breaststroke pull-down; this interpretation will also apply in USMS competition.

Swim Clinics with Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen

Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation will be hosting three competitive swim clinics taught by world-famous masters swimmer Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen.

There’s a Drill for That

Cokie Lepinski, a 2010 USMS Kerry O’Brien Coaching Award winner, recently came out with an inexpensive eBook collecting 125 drills covering all four competitive strokes.