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The Building Blocks of Swimming Fast

Did you catch it? VMST coach Dr. Jim Miller wrote a guest editorial for Swimming World, “Balancing High Volume: Building Blocks of Performance.”

Non-specific Dryland Training

Richard Abrahams shares his philosophy for dryland training in an article he wrote in 2009, Dryland Training: A Nonspecific Approach.

Block Training

Coach Fred Matheny describes the concept of block training, where several hard days of training are followed by several easy days of recovery.

Online Workouts at USMS

There are times when solo workouts are required; when that happens, you should head over to the USMS Workout Discussion forums.

Why Swim in Championship Meets?

We have a full slate of conveniently located championships coming up in the next year. Should you go to one?

Featured Links

I have recently added a couple of great swim-related links to the website: RobAquatics and Swimming Science.

Workout Plan for Beginner Swimmers

Just starting out? Recently Matt Luebbers, a coach at Swimming, put together an 8-week plan to help increase your swimming fitness and confidence levels.

Sage Advice

Swimming World’s The Morning Swim Show┬árecently featured video interviews with two successful masters swimmers: Leslie Livingston and Allen Stark.

The Manly Art of Leg-Shaving

If you’ve never shaved your legs (and arms and torso) before swimming, you might want to give it a try on your next taper meet. But the process isn’t easy, especially for beginners!

Jump Like Cullen Jones

Box jumps are a great exercise to develop quickness and power off the blocks. Cullen Jones demonstrates them in a GoSwim video clip.

Kerry O’Brien Interview

Award-winning USMS coach Kerry O’Brien (Walnut Creek Masters) was interviewed for the April 25 edition of The Morning Swim Show.

Dryland Training: Training for Power

This article focuses on why power development is so important in swimming and the exercises that are used to train them at IHPSWIM.