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A time rating numerically compares a swimmer’s time against a theoretical record time for their age, course, and event. The theoretical record is obtained from a curve fit of records for all ages for a given event and course. A time exactly equal to the theoretical record would be rated at 100; ratings over 100 are also possible. Click here for more details.

Using The Calculator

Fill in the form below to rate your performance against the USMS (for SCY) or FINA (for SCM, LCM) record for your event.
Time can be entered as mm:ss.00 (minutes, seconds, hundredths, e.g. 1:14.88) or ss.00 (seconds, hundredths, e.g. 54.09).

The calculator will compute a time given a rating if "Rating" is selected from the pull down menu on the left.

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Age 19 ≤ age ≤ 100
time or rating

Explanation of time ratings

Record curve details

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