Virginia LMSC Organization

Administration of the LMSC is performed by a Board of Directors (BOD) consisting of four elected officers (chair, vice-chair, secretary, treasurer), the Registrar, the chairs of a number of standing committees, representatives from LMSC teams with 10 or more members, and a delegate for smaller clubs. The BOD meets annually, usually around Oct/Nov. Between annual meetings, LMSC business is conducted by an Executive Committee consisting of the four elected officers, the Registrar, and five other Board members appointed by the LMSC chair.

  • Current By-laws (last amended 10/3/10)
    • Elections for the chair, vice-chair, secretary, and treasurer occur at the annual meetings of even-numbered years. The next elections will occur in the fall of 2020.
    • Policy for choosing LMSC delegates to the USMS Annual Convention.
  • 2020 Budget (passed 11/3/19)

 LMSC Meetings

Minutes for the annual LMSC meetings since 2009 are collected here.

Guide to Operations and the Rule Book

Formerly called the “LMSC Handbook,” the Guide to Operations contains a lot of useful information for LMSC Officers, meet officials, club coaches, and swimmers. It includes information about marketing your program, pool meet and open water sanctions, submissions for top ten, communications, and much more. The USMS Rule Book is another place to go with your questions about the rules of competition and the organization of USMS.

LMSC Officers

Chair: Caycee Buscaglia
Vice-Chair: Ken Gardner
Secretary: Alice Phillips
Treasurer: Becca Latimer
Membership: Jeffrey Bush
Coaches: Rich Williams
Fitness: Dane Schwartz
Long Distance & Open Water: Dave Holland
Newsletter: Heather & Chris Stevenson
Officials: Charlie Cockrell
Recs & Top Ten: Chris Stevenson
Review: Heather Stevenson
Safety: Jim Miller
Sanctions: Kyle Ahlgren
Webmaster: George Sushkoff