LMSC records are the fastest times ever performed by members of our LMSC. They can be set at any meet sanctioned or recognized by USMS; splits also count for most events (they must be official split request for backstroke events or relay lead-offs). Please contact the Top 10 Recorder with corrections or submissions.

The LMSC records were last updated July 30, 2015.

Printable LMSC Records

Individual Records Relay Records
Short-course yards (25y) Short-course yards (25y)
Short-course meters (25m) Short-course meters (25m)
Long-course meters (50m) Long-course meters (50m)

Recent LMSC Records (SCY14, LCM14, SCM14)

The links on the right sidebar display printable tables of LMSC records — both individual and relay — set in the last three complete seasons of short-course yards (SCY), short-course meters (SCM), and long-course meters (LCM). The table below displays the the same information in a filterable table. For example, type “SCM” in the search box to display the records set in that season, “25-29″ to display records set in that age-group for all three courses, or “relay” to display only the new relay records. Search terms can be combined when separated by a space, so “ZR SCY” displays all the zone records set by our members in the most recent SCY season.

Age GroupGenderCourseEventTimeNameMeet
30-34MenSCM400 Free4:20.47Adam BarleyAlbatross Open
30-34MenSCM50 Back29.29Adam BarleyAlbatross Open
30-34MenSCM200 IM2:14.53Adam BarleyAlbatross Open
90-94MenSCM100 Free2:31.98Calvin BarnesVMST Fall Meet
90-94MenSCM200 Free5:14.62Calvin BarnesVMST Fall Meet
90-94MenSCM400 Free10:36.66Calvin BarnesVMST Fall Meet
90-94MenSCM1500 Free39:52.69Calvin BarnesVMST Fall Meet
90-94MenSCM200 Back5:25.11Calvin BarnesVMST Fall Meet
65-69WomenLCM400 Free6:02.45Marcia BarryUSMS National Championship
65-69WomenLCM200 Back3:22.47Marcia BarryUSMS National Championship
65-69WomenSCM200 Free2:52.62Marcia BarryVMST Fall Meet
65-69WomenSCM1500 Free22:58.32Marcia BarryVMST Fall Meet
65-69WomenSCM100 Back1:32.59Marcia BarryVMST Fall Meet
65-69WomenSCY200 Back2:58.81Marcia BarryRCA Dive Into Spring
60-64WomenLCM50 Breast46.27Barbara BoslegoUSMS National Championship
70-74MenLCM100 Free1:20.92Warner BrundageUSMS National Championship
70-74MenLCM100 Back1:37.01Warner BrundageUSMS National Championship
70-74MenSCM100 Free1:17.50Warner BrundageAlbatross Open
70-74MenSCM400 Free6:16.15Warner BrundageVMST Fall Meet
70-74MenSCM200 Back3:20.89Warner BrundageAlbatross Open
70-74MenSCM200 IM3:23.96Warner BrundageVMST Fall Meet
70-74MenSCY200 Back3:00.68Warner BrundageVMST Winter Meet
70-74MenSCY200 IM2:58.07Warner BrundageDixie Zone Champsionship
55-59MenSCM100 IM1:13.13Jorge CortinaVMST Fall Meet
55-59MenLCM200 Back2:54.72Tom DeppeUSMS National Championship
18-24MenLCM100 Free56.27Nathan DestreeTexas Open (USA-S)
18-24MenSCY100 Free46.94Nathan DestreeColonies Zone Championship
18-24MenLCM50 Back30.01William EricsonUSMS National Championship
18-24MenLCM200 Back2:27.80William EricsonUSMS National Championship
70-74MenSCY200 Fly3:38.49Edward GaulrappColonies Zone Championship
70-74MenLCM50 Breast45.29Terry GernsteinUSMS National Championship
70-74MenLCM100 Breast1:44.79Terry GernsteinUSMS National Championship
18-24MenSCM50 Back27.12Sidney GlassColonies Zone Championship
18-24MenSCM100 Back58.49Sidney GlassColonies Zone Championship
18-24MenSCM200 Back2:11.48Sidney GlassColonies Zone Championship
18-24MenSCM50 Breast31.32Sidney GlassColonies Zone Championship
18-24MenSCM100 IM59.80Sidney GlassColonies Zone Championship
18-24MenSCM200 IM2:14.46Sidney GlassColonies Zone Championship
18-24MenSCY100 Back52.59Sidney GlassColonies Zone Championship
18-24MenSCY200 Back1:58.29Sidney GlassVMST Winter Meet
45-49WomenLCM50 Fly34.49Barbie GregoryUSMS National Championship
75-79WomenLCM200 Fly4:27.67Lucille GriffinVA Commonwealth Games
75-79WomenSCY50 Back45.44Lucille GriffinRCA Dive Into Spring
75-79WomenSCY100 Back1:41.89Lucille GriffinRCA Dive Into Spring
75-79WomenSCY50 Fly44.16Lucille GriffinRCA Dive Into Spring
75-79WomenSCY100 Fly1:47.58Lucille GriffinRCA Dive Into Spring
75-79WomenSCY200 Fly3:54.13Lucille GriffinRCA Dive Into Spring
50-54MenLCM50 Free26.40Greg HarrisUSMS National Championship
50-54MenLCM100 Free59.26Greg HarrisUSMS National Championship
50-54MenLCM1500 Free20:34.27Greg HarrisVA Commonwealth Games (USA-S)
50-54MenLCM50 Breast33.86Greg HarrisUSMS National Championship
50-54MenLCM100 Breast1:17.94Greg HarrisVA Commonwealth Games (USA-S)
50-54MenLCM200 Breast2:45.10Greg HarrisUSMS National Championship
50-54MenLCM400 IM5:31.78Greg HarrisUSMS National Championship
50-54MenSCM100 Free57.40Greg HarrisColonies Zone Championship
50-54MenSCM200 Free2:08.89Greg HarrisColonies Zone Championship
50-54MenSCM50 Breast33.12Greg HarrisColonies Zone Championship
50-54MenSCM100 Breast1:14.60Greg HarrisColonies Zone Championship
50-54MenSCM100 IM1:04.71Greg HarrisColonies Zone Championship
50-54MenSCM200 IM2:32.05Greg HarrisAlbatross Open
50-54MenSCM400 IM5:30.11Greg HarrisColonies Zone Championship
50-54MenSCY50 Free23.36Greg HarrisColonies Zone Championship
50-54MenSCY100 IM58.53Greg HarrisColonies Zone Championship
25-29MenLCM800 Free9:20.27John HoganUSMS National Championship
25-29MenLCM1500 Free17:37.50John HoganUSMS National Championship
45-49MenLCM400 IM5:07.27Dave HollandUSMS National Championship
45-49MenSCM100 Breast1:13.69Dave HollandAlbatross Open
45-49MenSCM200 Breast2:40.68Dave HollandRowdy Gaines Classic
55-59MenSCM50 Free27.73Phil KnobelVMST Fall Meet
55-59MenSCM100 Free1:01.17Phil KnobelVMST Fall Meet
25-29WomenLCM400 Free4:49.97Denise LetendreUSMS National Championship
25-29WomenLCM800 Free9:44.89Denise LetendreUSMS National Championship
25-29WomenLCM200 Breast2:49.95Denise LetendreUSMS National Championship
25-29WomenLCM200 Fly2:31.30Denise LetendreUSMS National Championship
25-29WomenLCM200 IM2:32.64Denise LetendreUSMS National Championship
25-29WomenLCM400 IM5:20.93Denise LetendreUSMS National Championship
25-29WomenSCM200 Free2:16.42Denise LetendreColonies Zone Championship
25-29WomenSCM800 Free9:51.34Denise LetendreColonies Zone Championship
25-29WomenSCY200 Free1:57.91Denise LetendreColonies Zone Championship
25-29WomenSCY200 Breast2:29.17Denise LetendreColonies Zone Championship
25-29WomenSCY200 Fly2:09.97Denise LetendreColonies Zone Championship
25-29WomenSCY400 IM4:40.26Denise LetendreColonies Zone Championship
80-84MenLCM200 Breast6:20.41Thomas LyonsUSMS National Championship
55-59MenSCM200 Free2:20.30Jim McFarlandAlbatross Open
55-59MenSCM400 Free5:01.65Jim McFarlandAlbatross Open
18-24WomenSCY50 Free23.86Rachel NelsonVSI Senior Champs
18-24WomenSCY100 Free52.01Rachel NelsonVSI Senior Champs
70-74MenSCY100 Free1:04.53Ken NovellColonies Zone Championship
50-54WomenSCM200 Back2:47.07Kelly Parker PalaceCoral Springs Holiday Classic
50-54WomenSCM400 IM5:57.12Kelly Parker PalaceCoral Springs Holiday Classic
50-54WomenLCM50 Back36.39Val Van Horn PateUSMS National Championship
50-54WomenLCM200 Back2:53.21Val Van Horn PateUSMS National Championship
50-54WomenLCM100 Fly1:18.03Val Van Horn PateUSMS National Championship
55-59MenSCM50 Back36.98Robert RomoAlbatross Open
30-34WomenLCM100 Back1:18.20Claire RussoUSMS National Championship
55-59MenSCM800 Free11:08.50Mitch SaksVMST Fall Meet
50-54MenLCM400 Free4:32.22Chris StevensonUSMS National Championship
50-54MenLCM50 Back29.99Chris StevensonUSMS National Championship
50-54MenLCM100 Back1:03.71Chris StevensonUSMS National Championship
50-54MenLCM200 Back2:22.61Chris StevensonUSMS National Championship
50-54MenLCM50 Fly27.18Chris StevensonUSMS National Championship
50-54MenLCM100 Fly1:01.48Chris StevensonUSMS National Championship
30-34MenLCM400 Free4:19.88William WaltersUSMS National Championship
30-34MenLCM400 IM4:51.24William WaltersUSMS National Championship
75-79WomenSCY400 IM9:05.27Barbara ZaremskiGladstone Masters Meet