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Notice from USMS Rules Committee

The FINA Technical Swimming Committee has issued a clarification regarding the interpretation of the new rules about separated hands at the touch for breaststroke (USMS article 101.2.4) and butterfly (USMS articles 101.3.4 and 101.3.5).

Breaststroke Recovery

An article recently posted on the Swimming Science website compares the relative merits of three different types of breaststroke recovery methods.

Breaststroke Underwater Dolphin Kick

USA Swimming has issued an updated interpretation of the rules for the timing of the underwater dolphin kick during the breaststroke pull-down; this interpretation will also apply in USMS competition.

The Short Breaststroke Pullout

Recently, some breaststrokers have experimented with a new variation of the classic breastroke pullout.

March Issue of Wet Gazette

The March 2011 Newsletter has been uploaded! Get the latest news and meet info, as well as articles by Helen Thurlow (“Are Drylands Really Worth it?”), Eric Teske (“Duffel Bag vs Backpack”), and Chris Colburn (“Perfecting Your Breaststroke Glide”).