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Check It Off!

Want to demonstrate your mastery of the competitive strokes but are put off by traveling to a meet and competing directly with others? Then the Check-Off Challenge is for you!

Checking It Off in 2013

Not that interested in competition or travel? Then perhaps postal events are for you: you can compete in your own pool with an audience of your choosing. One great event is the Check-Off Challenge, which lasts all year.

USMS 2011 Check-Off Challenge

Interested in a challenge? Try the Check-Off Challenge: complete 18 pool events and one open water swim during the course of the calendar year.

Ready for a Challenge?

There is still plenty of time to do the Check-off Challenge! This is a non-competition postal event: you have to complete each of the 18 pool events (any course: meters or yards, short-course or long-course) and one open water swim.

The Chesapeake Bay Check-Off Challenge

Interested in a challenge? This year the Maryland Masters Swim Team is sponsoring the USMS 2011 Check-Off Challenge.