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Silky Smooth vs Swinger

Unlike many coaches, the folks at SwimSmooth subscribe to the theory that there are two equally valid ideals for swimming freestyle: smooth swimmers and swingers.

Smooth Freestyling

SwimSmooth posted an interesting video on YouTube: Olympian Jono Van Hazel swimming at different levels of speed and effort.

Freestyle Pull: Paddle vs Propeller

The May-June 2013 issue of SWIMMER Magazine features an article that discusses the relative effectiveness of the sculling S-pull (“propeller”) and the deep-catch pull (“paddle”). USMS has recently uploaded a YouTube video to accompany the article.

Freestyle Head Position

Paul Newsome of Swim Smooth argues that no single head position in freestyle works optimally for every swimmer.

Video Analysis of the Underwater Pull

Gary Hall Sr (The Race Club) and Paul Newsome (Swim Smooth) present detailed underwater analyses of the freestyle pull. Check it out!

Freestyle Clinic in Virginia Beach

Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen, who has broken over 200 world records and is a four-time World Masters Swimmer of the Year, is hosting two sessions of the Aquatic Edge Faster Freestyle Clinic in Virginia Beach on June 11 and 12.