Recent USMS Top Ten Performances

Each year, USMS publishes a list of the Top 10 times in the nation for each course, and swimmers from the Virginia LMSC place well in these national rankings, with numerous All-Americans (#1 in the country in at least one event) and even occasional All-Stars (ranked #1 overall in the nation in their age group). The following table summarizes individual and relay performances by the LMSC over the last three seasons; both pool and long-distance all-stars are counted.

Season Top Ten Swims #1 Swims All-Stars (2017)
SCY 2018 175 29 2
SCM 2017 104 18
LCM 2018 88 15

Times performed in a meet Sanctioned or Recognized by USMS may be submitted for Top 10 consideration by the Top 10 Recorder of the appropriate LMSC. Usually that is the Recorder of the LMSC of the club that is hosting the meet, but there are exceptions; read the FAQ and contact the Virginia LMSC Top 10 Recorder if you have more questions.

The following table collects all the Top Ten performances by LMSC members for the past three complete seasons. It is sortable (click on the column title) and filterable using the search box. Suggestions for filtering: type a pool course (eg “SCY”) or name (eg “Smith”) or event type (eg “Relay”); you can also combine terms, separating by spaces (eg, “LCM Relay”).

USMS Top Ten Performances from our LMSC for: SCY18, SCM17, LCM18

PlaceNameAge GroupEventCourseTime
9Joan Averette80-8450 BreastSCM1:34.03
5Joan Averette80-84200 BreastSCM7:44.10
2Adam Barley35-39800 FreeSCM9:16.11
2Adam Barley35-391500 FreeSCM17:29.98
9Adam Barley35-39100 BreastSCM1:12.11
6Marcia Barry70-74100 FreeLCM1:23.84
4Marcia Barry70-74200 FreeLCM3:01.04
2Marcia Barry70-74400 FreeLCM6:17.00
2Marcia Barry70-74800 FreeLCM12:52.66
1Marcia Barry70-741500 FreeLCM24:14.23
3Marcia Barry70-7450 BackLCM46.98
4Marcia Barry70-74100 BackLCM1:44.99
1Marcia Barry70-74200 BackLCM3:36.86
9Craig Bauer65-69100 FreeSCM1:07.84
10Craig Bauer65-6950 BreastSCM40.15
8Craig Bauer65-69100 BreastSCM1:29.14
10Barbara Boslego65-69100 BreastSCM1:48.87
3Barbara Boslego65-69200 BreastSCM3:46.52
9Barbara Boslego65-69200 IMSCY3:07.09
1Lucas Bureau18-2450 FreeSCY20.24
1Lucas Bureau18-24100 FreeSCY43.97
3Lucas Bureau18-24200 FreeSCY1:39.93
2Lucas Bureau18-2450 FlySCY21.95
1Lucas Bureau18-24100 FlySCY47.41
1Lucas Bureau18-24100 IMSCY49.23
7Warren Cieslak30-3450 FreeLCM25.01
7Warren Cieslak30-34100 BreastLCM1:13.63
2Warren Cieslak30-3450 BreastSCM30.92
3Warren Cieslak30-34100 BreastSCM1:09.42
2Warren Cieslak30-3450 FlySCM25.96
3Warren Cieslak30-34100 FlySCM1:00.17
5Warren Cieslak30-3450 BreastSCY27.00
8Warren Cieslak30-3450 FlySCY23.12
8Kirk Clear50-5450 BackSCM30.90
10Rebecca Deaton40-44100 BreastSCM1:28.84
5Rebecca Deaton40-44200 BreastSCM3:11.88
1Johnnie Detrick80-8450 FreeLCM40.60
1Johnnie Detrick80-84100 FreeLCM1:41.07
3Johnnie Detrick80-84200 FreeLCM3:50.71
1Johnnie Detrick80-8450 FreeSCM40.75
1Johnnie Detrick80-84100 FreeSCM1:39.86
1Johnnie Detrick80-8450 BreastSCM57.96
1Johnnie Detrick80-8450 FreeSCY36.15
1Johnnie Detrick80-84100 FreeSCY1:24.79
2Johnnie Detrick80-84200 FreeSCY3:23.05
2Johnnie Detrick80-84500 FreeSCY9:08.68
2Johnnie Detrick80-8450 BreastSCY51.25
1Johnnie Detrick80-84100 BreastSCY1:54.62
1Johnnie Detrick80-84200 BreastSCY4:10.53
1Johnnie Detrick80-84100 IMSCY1:46.98
3Johnnie Detrick80-84200 IMSCY4:02.24
6Daniel Earle45-49200 BackSCM2:39.08
1Marina Falcone30-34500 FreeSCY5:14.58
4Kevin Gallagher30-3450 FreeSCY20.65
2Kevin Gallagher30-34100 FreeSCY45.67
4Kevin Gallagher30-34100 IMSCY52.94
8Edward Gaulrapp75-79200 FlySCY3:57.02
5Edward Gaulrapp75-79400 IMSCY7:37.23
6Terry Sue Gault65-69100 IMSCM1:28.84
6Terry Gernstein75-7950 BreastSCM46.13
2Terry Gernstein75-79100 BreastSCM1:42.92
2Terry Gernstein75-79200 BreastSCM3:52.34
9Terry Gernstein75-7950 BreastSCY41.80
5Terry Gernstein75-79100 BreastSCY1:33.43
6Terry Gernstein75-79200 BreastSCY3:30.58
6Deidre Geroni25-2950 BackLCM34.23
3Deidre Geroni25-29100 FlyLCM1:08.96
7Deidre Geroni25-29200 FlySCY2:12.80
1Austin Glass18-2450 BackSCM28.81
9Austin Glass18-2450 FlySCM26.98
4Sidney Glass25-29200 BackSCM2:14.03
7Sidney Glass25-29100 IMSCM1:00.52
8Austin Glass18-24100 BackSCY52.76
10Sidney Glass25-29100 BackSCY51.63
3Shannon Greene30-34200 FlySCM2:45.81
10Shannon Greene30-34500 FreeSCY5:31.30
7Shannon Greene30-341000 FreeSCY11:29.23
7Shannon Greene30-341650 FreeSCY19:08.32
3Shannon Greene30-34200 FlySCY2:20.46
5Andrew Greenhalgh18-24200 FreeSCY1:40.71
1Andrew Greenhalgh18-24500 FreeSCY4:29.09
2Katie Grier35-39100 FreeSCM1:01.22
5Katie Grier35-3950 BackSCM33.06
5Katie Grier35-39100 BackSCM1:14.65
2Katie Grier35-3950 FreeSCY23.82
1Katie Grier35-39100 FreeSCY51.91
1Katie Grier35-39200 FreeSCY1:56.11
6Katie Grier35-3950 BackSCY28.34
3Katie Grier35-39100 BackSCY1:00.48
2Katie Grier35-3950 FlySCY26.31
4Len Gushe55-59100 FreeLCM59.49
3Len Gushe55-59200 FreeLCM2:11.57
2Len Gushe55-59400 FreeLCM4:37.82
2Len Gushe55-59800 FreeLCM9:42.77
2Len Gushe55-591500 FreeLCM19:05.79
2Len Gushe55-5950 BackLCM31.15
2Len Gushe55-59100 BackLCM1:08.20
1Len Gushe55-59200 BackLCM2:26.23
1Len Gushe55-59100 FlyLCM1:04.24
1Len Gushe55-59200 FlyLCM2:30.83
2Len Gushe55-59200 IMLCM2:26.80
1Len Gushe55-59400 IMLCM5:12.69
1Gregory Harris55-5950 FreeLCM25.86
1Gregory Harris55-59100 FreeLCM57.42
10Gregory Harris55-59200 FreeLCM2:21.17
6Gregory Harris55-5950 BackLCM32.88
3Gregory Harris55-59100 BackLCM1:09.44
4Gregory Harris55-59200 BackLCM2:37.70
2Gregory Harris55-5950 BreastLCM32.68
2Gregory Harris55-59100 BreastLCM1:10.84
2Gregory Harris55-59200 BreastLCM2:44.64
5Gregory Harris55-5950 FlyLCM29.26
8Gregory Harris55-59100 FlyLCM1:10.49
1Gregory Harris55-59200 IMLCM2:26.31
2Gregory Harris55-59400 IMLCM5:35.07
4Gregory Harris50-5450 FreeSCM25.73
4Gregory Harris50-54100 FreeSCM57.05
7Gregory Harris50-54100 BackSCM1:07.49
6Gregory Harris50-54200 BackSCM2:27.84
5Gregory Harris50-5450 BreastSCM32.86
1Gregory Harris50-54100 BreastSCM1:10.55
2Gregory Harris50-54200 BreastSCM2:41.07
4Gregory Harris50-54100 IMSCM1:04.90
5Gregory Harris50-54200 IMSCM2:25.62
7Kristen Harris40-4450 BreastSCY32.72
7Kristen Harris40-44100 BreastSCY1:11.87
9Gregory Harris50-5450 FreeSCY22.94
9Gregory Harris50-54100 FreeSCY50.65
4Gregory Harris50-5450 BreastSCY28.30
1Gregory Harris50-54100 BreastSCY1:01.38
3Gregory Harris50-54200 BreastSCY2:20.62
8Gregory Harris50-54100 IMSCY57.04
7Gregory Harris50-54200 IMSCY2:08.10
10Lauren Hasselquist55-59200 BackSCM3:03.61
5Carter Head18-24400 FreeSCM4:28.63
7Carter Head18-24100 BreastSCM1:10.05
8Carter Head18-241000 FreeSCY10:38.45
7Carter Head18-24200 BreastSCY2:14.27
5Carter Head18-24400 IMSCY4:21.27
10James Henderson18-2450 FreeSCM25.20
10James Henderson18-24100 BreastSCM1:12.83
4James Henderson18-24100 IMSCM1:02.00
3James Henderson18-24200 IMSCM2:17.35
6James Henderson18-24100 BackSCY52.17
9Ida Hlavacek75-79800 FreeLCM21:04.14
10Ida Hlavacek75-7950 BackLCM1:03.67
9Ida Hlavacek75-79100 BackLCM2:18.49
9Ida Hlavacek75-79200 BackLCM5:02.16
9Ida Hlavacek75-79100 BreastLCM3:17.45
9Ida Hlavacek75-79200 BreastLCM6:57.40
10Ida Hlavacek75-7950 FlyLCM1:25.50
6Ida Hlavacek75-79100 FlyLCM3:08.47
4Ida Hlavacek75-79200 FlyLCM6:52.30
6Ida Hlavacek75-79200 IMLCM5:59.83
4Ida Hlavacek75-79400 IMLCM11:59.94
6Adam Kalish18-24100 FreeSCM55.19
4Adam Kalish18-2450 FlySCM26.12
3Adam Kalish18-24100 FlySCM58.63
8Sam Kettlewell-SItes18-2450 FreeSCY20.97
6Sam Kettlewell-SItes18-24100 FreeSCY46.12
7Sam Kettlewell-SItes18-24100 BackSCY52.32
10Sam Kettlewell-SItes18-24200 BackSCY2:07.92
9Denise Landers55-591650 FreeSCY20:57.48
1Morgan Latimer25-29200 FlyLCM2:21.98
7Denise Letendre30-3450 BreastLCM38.64
5Denise Letendre30-34100 BreastLCM1:21.37
3Denise Letendre30-34200 BreastLCM2:50.29
4Denise Letendre30-34100 FlyLCM1:07.74
2Denise Letendre30-34200 FlyLCM2:30.71
3Denise Letendre30-34200 IMLCM2:30.49
7Denise Letendre25-29100 BackSCM1:12.27
4Denise Letendre25-29100 BreastSCM1:18.47
2Denise Letendre25-29200 BreastSCM2:48.06
9Denise Letendre25-29200 BreastSCY2:28.64
4Denise Letendre25-29200 FlySCY2:10.73
6Denise Letendre25-29200 IMSCY2:13.06
3Denise Letendre25-29400 IMSCY4:37.98
10Shirley Loftus-Charley65-6950 FreeSCM35.33
4Shirley Loftus-Charley65-69100 FreeSCM1:15.57
2Shirley Loftus-Charley65-69200 FreeSCM2:38.62
2Shirley Loftus-Charley65-69400 FreeSCM5:34.77
1Shirley Loftus-Charley65-69800 FreeSCM11:09.78
1Shirley Loftus-Charley65-691500 FreeSCM20:57.40
10Michael Lovett35-3950 FlySCM27.65
6Ann Lyttle70-7450 FreeSCY33.17
5Ann Lyttle70-74100 FreeSCY1:12.64
3Ann Lyttle70-74200 FreeSCY2:39.48
7Emilie MacDonald18-241650 FreeSCY20:50.19
10Monique Maciejczyk25-29100 BreastLCM1:27.35
9David Malsbury55-5950 BackSCM32.95
8David Malsbury55-59100 BackSCM1:13.67
10David Malsbury55-5950 BackSCY27.82
5Victoria Maqueda25-2950 BreastSCY31.30
8Susan Marens75-7950 BreastLCM1:01.80
4Susan Marens75-79100 BreastLCM2:19.18
5Susan Marens75-79200 BreastLCM5:02.36
7Susan Marens75-7950 FlyLCM1:07.13
6Susan Marens75-79200 BreastSCM4:43.43
9Susan Marens75-79100 IMSCM2:09.53
7Susan Marens75-7950 BreastSCY53.37
7Susan Marens75-79100 BreastSCY2:00.32
8Judy Martin75-79100 BreastLCM2:54.33
10Judy Martin75-7950 BreastSCM1:15.19
4Carina Masson30-34100 BackLCM1:12.16
4Carina Masson30-34200 BackLCM2:41.60
9Carina Masson30-3450 FlyLCM31.63
10Carina Masson30-34100 BackSCY1:03.14
1Kevin Mastracci18-2450 FreeSCM23.45
1Kevin Mastracci18-24100 FreeSCM51.47
7Kevin Mastracci18-2450 FreeSCY20.93
7Kevin Mastracci18-24100 IMSCY51.95
10Megan McDonald25-29200 BreastSCM3:09.85
10Megan McDonald25-29200 FlySCM3:01.53
9Paul McGraw35-39100 BackSCM1:12.48
3Jeanne Meredith90-9450 FreeLCM1:10.61
2Jeanne Meredith90-9450 BackLCM1:32.87
2Jeanne Meredith90-94100 BackLCM3:16.44
4Jeanne Meredith85-8950 FreeSCM1:11.84
3Jeanne Meredith85-89200 FreeSCM5:32.14
4Jeanne Meredith85-89100 BackSCM3:03.85
3Patricia Miller55-5950 BreastLCM40.81
3Patricia Miller55-59100 BreastLCM1:32.52
5Patricia Miller55-59200 BreastLCM3:22.18
8Patricia Miller55-59100 BreastSCM1:31.83
5Patricia Miller55-59200 BreastSCM3:17.69
10Frank Miller75-79800 FreeSCM18:55.62
7Patricia Miller55-5950 BreastSCY35.86
7Patricia Miller55-59200 BreastSCY2:54.03
7Gabrielle Mizerak25-29100 FreeSCY52.65
4Gabrielle Mizerak25-2950 FlySCY25.89
9Gabrielle Mizerak25-29100 IMSCY1:01.22
2Jonathan Nelson25-2950 FreeLCM23.79
5Jonathan Nelson25-29100 FreeLCM53.46
1Jonathan Nelson25-29100 FlyLCM55.67
6Rachel Nelson25-2950 FreeSCY24.13
10Rachel Nelson25-29100 FreeSCY53.35
3Jonathan Nelson18-2450 FreeSCY20.56
4Jonathan Nelson18-24100 FreeSCY45.17
9Jonathan Nelson18-24200 FreeSCY1:41.96
4Jonathan Nelson18-24100 BreastSCY56.99
2Jonathan Nelson18-24100 FlySCY48.82
6Jonathan Nelson18-24200 FlySCY1:56.80
8Alfred Newbury80-84200 BackSCM4:50.33
5Ken Novell75-7950 FreeSCY30.11
5Ken Novell75-79100 FreeSCY1:05.33
5Ken Novell75-79200 FreeSCY2:34.73
5Ken Novell75-7950 FlySCY34.42
10Ken Novell75-79100 IMSCY1:24.55
10Anna Parker40-441500 FreeSCM23:20.09
4Val Van Horn Pate55-5950 BackSCY30.54
3Val Van Horn Pate55-59100 BackSCY1:06.99
3Val Van Horn Pate55-59200 BackSCY2:27.15
4Val Van Horn Pate55-5950 FlySCY29.71
3Val Van Horn Pate55-59100 FlySCY1:05.13
2Val Van Horn Pate55-59200 FlySCY2:28.21
2Val Van Horn Pate55-59200 IMSCY2:27.59
4Harrison Pierce18-24200 FlyLCM2:29.77
10Marie Restrepo55-5950 FreeSCY27.78
10Emily Ryczek18-24100 FreeSCY53.67
6Emily Ryczek18-24200 FreeSCY1:58.61
2Beth Schreiner75-7950 FreeLCM39.93
1Beth Schreiner75-79100 FreeLCM1:35.33
1Beth Schreiner75-79200 FreeLCM3:33.75
2Beth Schreiner75-79400 FreeLCM7:25.06
2Beth Schreiner75-7950 FreeSCM40.05
1Beth Schreiner75-79100 FreeSCM1:32.94
1Beth Schreiner75-79200 FreeSCM3:28.85
2Beth Schreiner75-7950 BackSCM50.20
2Beth Schreiner75-7950 FreeSCY35.05
1Beth Schreiner75-79100 FreeSCY1:19.55
1Beth Schreiner75-79200 FreeSCY3:00.23
3Beth Schreiner75-7950 BackSCY44.11
3Beth Schreiner75-79100 BackSCY1:36.27
7Laura Schwartz18-24100 BreastSCY1:07.05
5Laura Schwartz18-24200 BreastSCY2:24.53
6Laura Schwartz18-24100 IMSCY59.66
4Laura Schwartz18-24200 IMSCY2:09.53
5Meredith Sieller18-24200 FreeSCM2:22.38
4Meredith Sieller18-24400 FreeSCM5:06.59
4Meredith Sieller18-24800 FreeSCM10:43.61
3Meredith Sieller18-241500 FreeSCM20:21.24
9Douglas Slater60-64100 FreeSCY54.14
4Douglas Slater60-6450 BackSCY27.69
4Douglas Slater60-64100 BackSCY1:00.29
6Douglas Slater60-64200 BackSCY2:14.18
2Douglas Slater60-64100 IMSCY1:00.09
10Douglas Slater60-64200 IMSCY2:17.83
3Harry Sober75-7950 FreeSCY28.59
4Harry Sober75-79100 FreeSCY1:04.67
4Harry Sober75-7950 BackSCY36.23
3Harry Sober75-7950 FlySCY33.17
6Harry Sober75-79100 IMSCY1:19.78
8RuthAnne Thomas35-3950 BreastSCY33.10
8Nathan Tschohl30-341000 FreeSCY10:59.50
8Jessica Unmussig18-2450 BreastLCM44.50
4Laura Walker80-8450 FreeLCM47.87
4Laura Walker80-84100 FreeLCM1:49.02
7Laura Walker80-8450 BackLCM1:00.50
4Laura Walker80-84100 BackLCM2:13.52
6Laura Walker80-84200 BackLCM4:48.05
3Laura Walker80-8450 FreeSCM47.65
1Laura Walker80-8450 BackSCM59.80
1Laura Walker80-84100 BackSCM2:04.88
1Laura Walker80-84200 BackSCM4:28.45
7Laura Walker80-8450 FreeSCY44.60
5Laura Walker80-84100 FreeSCY1:38.31
4Laura Walker80-8450 BackSCY51.63
3Laura Walker80-84100 BackSCY1:52.31
2Laura Walker80-84200 BackSCY4:01.30
5Laura Walker80-84100 IMSCY2:09.77
8Rich Williams40-4450 BreastSCM34.21
8Randolph Wise75-7950 FlySCY35.64
9Randolph Wise75-79100 IMSCY1:24.34
7Anna Wujciak18-24100 FreeSCY53.46
5Anna Wujciak18-24200 FreeSCY1:56.80
7Anna Wujciak18-24200 BackSCY2:14.13
7Nicholls, Swiger, Stone, Boslego240-279400 Free RelayLCM7:07.11
10Steiner, Benn, Shepard, Nicholls200-239400 Medley RelaySCM9:14.48
2Detrick, Boslego, Loftus-Charley, Gault280-319200 Free RelaySCM2:31.83
1Gault, Loftus-Charley, Detrick, Boslego280-319400 Free RelaySCM5:39.04
1Boslego, Detrick, Gault, Loftus-Charley280-319800 Free RelaySCM12:45.85
1Martin, Averette, Marens, Meredith320-359200 Medley RelaySCM4:51.05
2Henderson, Williams, Glass, Glass100-119200 Free RelaySCM1:41.91
1Glass, Williams, Glass, Henderson100-119200 Medley RelaySCM1:52.67
8Newbury, Grant, Swiger, Mickunas280-319400 Medley RelaySCM8:17.23
2Grier, Head, Lovett, Choe120-159200 Medley RelaySCM2:03.69
10Speer, Saks, Dickens, Jongquist200-239800 Free RelaySCM11:16.67
4Schreiner, Boslego, Davis, Miller280-319200 Medley RelaySCM3:04.34
4Wujciak, Schwartz, Gass, Ryczek18+200 Medley RelaySCY1:52.82
1Wujciak, Schwartz, Ryczek, Greene18+800 Free RelaySCY8:01.73
2Mizerak, Shaner, Gass, Grier25+200 Free RelaySCY1:38.28
1Mizerak, Maqueda, Grier, Shaner25+400 Free RelaySCY3:36.62
7Restrepo, Maqueda, Choe, Minzenmayer25+400 Medley RelaySCY4:33.60
9Gregory, Letendre, Geroni, Wallace25+400 Medley RelaySCY4:36.91
2Letendre, Gregory, Wallace, Barry25+800 Free RelaySCY9:23.37
9Thomas, Nelson, Gass, Choe35+200 Free RelaySCY1:50.42
5Barry, Speer, Miller, Jaeger55+400 Medley RelaySCY5:46.19
8Henderson, Glass, Head, Oca18+200 Free RelaySCY1:28.37
5Henderson, Head, Glass, Bureau18+200 Medley RelaySCY1:36.73
1Greenhalgh, Bureau, Loughran, Gallagher18+400 Free RelaySCY3:04.86
2Slater, Head, Gass, Stamps18+400 Medley RelaySCY3:58.49
1Bureau, Henderson, Glass, Greenhalgh18+800 Free RelaySCY6:53.52
3Gallagher, Loughran, Fay, Glass25+200 Free RelaySCY1:24.75
4Glass, Fay, Elsaesser, Bulakul25+200 Medley RelaySCY1:34.71
3Bulakul, Williams, Elsaesser, Lovett25+400 Medley RelaySCY3:45.52
7Rockwell, Gass, Earle, Lesnewsky35+400 Free RelaySCY3:38.62
2Gass, Rockwell, Lesnewsky, Earle35+800 Free RelaySCY8:16.59
1Sober, Gaulrapp, Novell, Wise75+200 Free RelaySCY2:07.86
1Sober, Gaulrapp, Wise, Novell75+200 Medley RelaySCY2:23.92
1Sober, Gaulrapp, Wise, Novell75+400 Free RelaySCY4:53.92
2Sober, Gaulrapp, Novell, Wise75+400 Medley RelaySCY6:42.67
1Bureau, Shaner, Gallagher, Mizerak18+200 Free RelaySCY1:29.21
4Glass, Schwartz, Bureau, Ryczek18+200 Medley RelaySCY1:40.68
1Henderson, Wujciak, Greene, Gallagher18+400 Free RelaySCY3:27.67
1Glass, Schwartz, Glass, Grier18+400 Medley RelaySCY3:41.42
1Greenhalgh, Ryczek, Henderson, Wujciak18+800 Free RelaySCY7:21.24
6Gallagher, Mizerak, Loughran, Grier25+200 Free RelaySCY1:34.46
3Glass, Fay, Mizerak, Shaner25+200 Medley RelaySCY1:39.63
3Bulakul, Minzenmayer, Choe, Loughran25+400 Free RelaySCY3:36.30
2Bulakul, Maqueda, Greene, Loughran25+400 Medley RelaySCY4:01.02
6Williams, Lovett, Choe, Gass35+200 Free RelaySCY1:38.21
3Grier, Williams, Lovett, Gass35+200 Medley RelaySCY1:45.59
10Chenault, Speer, Miller, Lyttle55+400 Free RelaySCY4:41.74
6Barry, Speer, Chenault, Novell55+400 Medley RelaySCY5:22.96
7Belfit, Barry, Miller, Miller55+800 Free RelaySCY11:12.18
1Schreiner, Walker, Gaulrapp, Novell75+200 Free RelaySCY2:26.97
1Walker, Gaulrapp, Wise, Schreiner75+200 Medley RelaySCY2:51.39