Recent USMS Top Ten Performances

Each year, USMS publishes a list of the Top 10 times in the nation for each course, and swimmers from the Virginia LMSC place well in these national rankings, with numerous All-Americans (#1 in the country in at least one event) and even occasional All-Stars (ranked #1 overall in the nation in their age group). The following table summarizes individual and relay performances by the LMSC over the last three seasons; both pool and long-distance all-stars are counted.

Season Top Ten Swims #1 Swims All-Stars (2014)
SCY 2014 109 7 1
SCM 2014 134 10
LCM 2014 137 12

Times performed in a meet Sanctioned or Recognized by USMS may be submitted for Top 10 consideration by the Top 10 Recorder of the appropriate LMSC. Usually that is the Recorder of the LMSC of the club that is hosting the meet, but there are exceptions; read the FAQ and contact the Virginia LMSC Recorder if you have more questions.

The following table collects all the Top Ten performances by LMSC members for the past three complete seasons. It is sortable (click on the column title) and filterable using the search box. Suggestions for filtering: type a pool course (eg “SCY”) or name (eg “Smith”) or event type (eg “Relay”); you can also combine terms, separating by spaces (eg, “SCY Relays”).

USMS Top Ten Performances from our LMSC for: SCY14, SCM14, LCM14

110Joan Averette75-79200 BreastSCM6:58.42
23Adam S Barley30-34400 FreeSCM4:20.47
37Adam S Barley30-3450 BackSCM29.29
49Adam S Barley30-3450 FlySCM27.06
54Adam S Barley30-34200 IMSCM2:14.53
63Calvin W Barnes90-941500 FreeSCM39:52.69
72Calvin W Barnes90-94200 BackSCM5:25.11
83Calvin W Barnes90-94500 FreeSCY11:59.25
92Calvin W Barnes90-941000 FreeSCY23:37.20
1010Marcia L Barry65-69100 FreeLCM1:23.11
115Marcia L Barry65-69200 FreeLCM2:54.62
123Marcia L Barry65-69400 FreeLCM6:02.45
135Marcia L Barry65-69800 FreeLCM12:37.53
142Marcia L Barry65-691500 FreeLCM23:52.17
152Marcia L Barry65-6950 BackLCM42.98
162Marcia L Barry65-69100 BackLCM1:34.99
172Marcia L Barry65-69200 BackLCM3:22.47
185Marcia L Barry65-69200 FreeSCM2:52.62
194Marcia L Barry65-69400 FreeSCM6:04.96
202Marcia L Barry65-69800 FreeSCM12:12.94
212Marcia L Barry65-691500 FreeSCM22:58.32
223Marcia L Barry65-6950 BackSCM41.85
232Marcia L Barry65-69100 BackSCM1:32.59
242Marcia L Barry65-69200 BackSCM3:17.88
256Marcia L Barry65-69500 FreeSCY6:56.84
266Marcia L Barry65-691000 FreeSCY14:14.75
273Marcia L Barry65-6950 BackSCY38.51
282Marcia L Barry65-69200 BackSCY2:58.81
2910Karen A Blaha25-29400 FreeLCM5:06.42
3010Barbara E Boslego60-64200 BreastLCM3:47.09
318Barbara E Boslego60-64200 BreastSCM3:41.79
328Barbara E Boslego60-64200 BreastSCY3:15.56
336Ryan B Bradley35-3950 BackSCY25.16
348Ryan B Bradley35-39100 BackSCY55.35
359Ryan B Bradley35-3950 FlySCY23.94
366Ryan B Bradley35-39200 FlySCY2:03.30
373Susan W Bricken70-7450 FreeLCM38.42
383Susan W Bricken70-74100 FreeLCM1:31.93
393Susan W Bricken70-7450 BackLCM48.14
404Susan W Bricken70-7450 FreeSCY35.18
416Susan W Bricken70-74100 FreeSCY1:21.76
427Susan W Bricken70-7450 BackSCY43.22
438Opal E Brink18-241000 FreeSCY12:03.82
448Warner F Brundage70-74200 BackSCM3:20.89
459Warner F Brundage70-74200 IMSCM3:23.96
469Chadwick L Buist25-291650 FreeSCY18:34.20
479Kirk W Clear45-4950 BackLCM32.40
489Cheryl Conlin45-4950 BreastSCY34.33
4910Rebecca A Deaton35-3950 BreastSCM40.02
509Rebecca A Deaton35-39200 BreastSCM3:12.34
517Nathan M Destree18-24100 FreeLCM56.27
525Nathan M Destree18-24100 FreeSCY46.94
535Nathan M Destree18-2450 FlySCY22.53
546Nathan M Destree18-24100 IMSCY53.11
551Johnnie Detrick75-7950 FreeLCM39.37
564Johnnie Detrick75-79100 FreeLCM1:38.53
574Johnnie Detrick75-79200 FreeLCM3:48.22
585Johnnie Detrick75-7950 BreastLCM56.31
594Johnnie Detrick75-79100 BreastLCM2:07.09
607Johnnie Detrick75-7950 FlyLCM1:02.70
615Johnnie Detrick75-79200 IMLCM4:23.05
621Johnnie Detrick75-7950 FreeSCM39.99
631Johnnie Detrick75-79100 FreeSCM1:30.09
643Johnnie Detrick75-79200 FreeSCM3:35.21
655Johnnie Detrick75-79100 BreastSCM2:05.66
663Johnnie Detrick75-79200 BreastSCM4:34.78
673Johnnie Detrick75-79100 IMSCM1:53.05
683Johnnie Detrick75-79200 IMSCM4:20.41
691Johnnie Detrick75-7950 FreeSCY35.42
702Johnnie Detrick75-79100 FreeSCY1:21.94
717Johnnie Detrick75-79200 FreeSCY3:15.02
726Johnnie Detrick75-79500 FreeSCY8:50.77
736Johnnie Detrick75-7950 BreastSCY49.53
744Johnnie Detrick75-79100 BreastSCY1:49.57
753Johnnie Detrick75-79200 BreastSCY3:57.00
764Johnnie Detrick75-79100 IMSCY1:40.57
774Johnnie Detrick75-79200 IMSCY3:46.95
786Betsy Durrant70-74400 FreeLCM7:45.69
797Betsy Durrant70-74800 FreeLCM16:31.74
806Betsy Durrant70-741500 FreeLCM31:33.83
818Betsy Durrant70-74100 BackLCM2:01.92
8210Betsy Durrant70-74200 BackLCM4:19.85
8310Betsy Durrant70-7450 BreastLCM56.72
846Betsy Durrant70-74400 FreeSCM7:52.04
853Betsy Durrant70-74800 FreeSCM16:11.00
8610Betsy Durrant70-7450 BreastSCM58.14
8710Betsy Durrant70-74500 FreeSCY8:29.61
883William C Ericson18-2450 BackLCM30.01
894William C Ericson18-24100 BackLCM1:06.49
904William C Ericson18-24200 BackLCM2:27.80
919Lesley L Francis80-84500 FreeSCY10:50.84
928Terry Sue M Gault60-6450 FlyLCM38.84
934Sidney L Glass18-2450 BackSCM27.12
942Sidney L Glass18-24100 BackSCM58.49
954Sidney L Glass18-24200 BackSCM2:11.48
9610Sidney L Glass18-2450 BreastSCM31.32
974Sidney L Glass18-24100 IMSCM59.80
984Sidney L Glass18-24200 IMSCM2:14.46
994Sidney L Glass18-2450 BackSCY23.99
1004Sidney L Glass18-24100 BackSCY52.59
1013Sidney L Glass18-24200 BackSCY1:58.29
1029Sidney L Glass18-24100 IMSCY53.60
10310Barbie J Gregory45-49200 IMLCM2:52.54
1045Lucille Griffin75-79100 BackLCM2:00.93
1057Lucille Griffin75-79200 BackLCM4:18.83
1062Lucille Griffin75-7950 FlyLCM52.34
1072Lucille Griffin75-79100 FlyLCM2:00.22
1081Lucille Griffin75-79200 FlyLCM4:27.67
1091Lucille Griffin75-7950 BackSCY45.44
1104Lucille Griffin75-79100 BackSCY1:41.89
1111Lucille Griffin75-7950 FlySCY44.16
1121Lucille Griffin75-79100 FlySCY1:47.58
1131Lucille Griffin75-79200 FlySCY3:54.13
1145Gregory Harris50-5450 FreeLCM26.40
1157Gregory Harris50-54100 FreeLCM59.26
1168Gregory Harris50-5450 BreastLCM33.86
1175Gregory Harris50-54200 BreastLCM2:45.10
1185Gregory Harris50-54200 IMLCM2:28.19
1195Gregory Harris50-54400 IMLCM5:31.78
1206Kristen S Harris35-3950 BreastSCM38.45
1218Kristen S Harris35-39200 BreastSCM3:10.25
1225Gregory Harris50-5450 FreeSCM25.85
1235Gregory Harris50-54100 FreeSCM57.40
1247Gregory Harris50-54200 FreeSCM2:08.89
1259Gregory Harris50-5450 BreastSCM33.12
1268Gregory Harris50-54100 BreastSCM1:14.60
1274Gregory Harris50-54200 BreastSCM2:43.22
1283Gregory Harris50-54100 IMSCM1:04.71
12910Gregory Harris50-54200 IMSCM2:32.05
1306Gregory Harris50-54400 IMSCM5:30.11
13110Pieter A De Hart35-39100 FreeSCM56.74
1326Pieter A De Hart35-39200 FreeSCM2:07.01
1336Pieter A De Hart35-39200 BackSCM2:21.12
1348Jenny E De Hart35-39200 BreastSCY2:39.47
1359Jenny E De Hart35-39400 IMSCY5:18.35
1367Pieter A De Hart35-391650 FreeSCY18:37.27
1379Pieter A De Hart35-39400 IMSCY4:39.73
1388Christopher L Hepp25-29400 IMSCM5:26.56
1399Ida M Hlavacek70-74800 FreeLCM17:00.34
1407Ida M Hlavacek70-741500 FreeLCM34:16.14
14110Ida M Hlavacek70-74100 BackLCM2:07.92
1429Ida M Hlavacek70-74200 BackLCM4:18.63
1437Ida M Hlavacek70-74100 FlyLCM2:21.23
1447Ida M Hlavacek70-74200 FlyLCM6:11.80
1457Ida M Hlavacek70-74200 IMLCM4:26.56
1466Ida M Hlavacek70-74400 IMLCM9:42.25
1479Ida M Hlavacek70-74200 FreeSCM3:47.71
1487Ida M Hlavacek70-74400 FreeSCM7:56.60
1494Ida M Hlavacek70-74800 FreeSCM16:16.50
1506Ida M Hlavacek70-741500 FreeSCM33:31.39
1518Ida M Hlavacek70-74100 BackSCM1:54.79
1528Ida M Hlavacek70-74200 BackSCM4:18.10
1538Ida M Hlavacek70-74200 BreastSCM5:11.32
1547Ida M Hlavacek70-7450 FlySCM57.94
1554Ida M Hlavacek70-74100 FlySCM2:09.49
1565Ida M Hlavacek70-74200 FlySCM5:13.37
1576Ida M Hlavacek70-74200 IMSCM4:16.49
1585Ida M Hlavacek70-74400 IMSCM9:25.98
1599Ida M Hlavacek70-74100 BackSCY1:41.08
1608Ida M Hlavacek70-74200 BackSCY3:33.87
1618Ida M Hlavacek70-74100 FlySCY1:52.37
16210Ida M Hlavacek70-74200 FlySCY4:38.04
1639Ida M Hlavacek70-74200 IMSCY3:52.56
1647Ida M Hlavacek70-74400 IMSCY8:16.68
16510John Hogan25-29100 FreeLCM55.37
1663John Hogan25-29200 FreeLCM2:02.10
1676John Hogan25-29400 FreeLCM4:33.59
1684John Hogan25-29800 FreeLCM9:20.27
1691John Hogan25-291500 FreeLCM17:37.50
1704John Hogan25-29100 FlyLCM59.27
1718John Hogan25-29400 IMSCY4:29.64
1726Dave Holland45-49200 FlyLCM2:27.19
1733Dave Holland45-49400 IMLCM5:07.27
17410Dave Holland45-4950 BreastSCM33.71
1756Dave Holland45-49100 BreastSCM1:13.69
1766Dave Holland45-49200 BreastSCM2:40.68
1773Dave Holland45-49200 FlySCM2:18.10
1789Dave Holland45-49200 IMSCM2:28.33
1792Dave Holland45-49400 IMSCM4:55.75
1807Dave Holland45-49200 FlySCY2:08.69
1819Dave Holland45-49400 IMSCY4:34.52
1827Danielle Joslin35-3950 BackLCM36.25
1836Danielle Joslin35-39200 BackLCM2:52.92
1846Eric A Judd18-24200 BreastLCM2:57.97
1855Jonathan Kaplan30-34200 BackSCY2:02.68
1869Jonathan Kaplan30-34400 IMSCY4:26.52
1877Denise M Letendre25-29200 FreeLCM2:22.08
1884Denise M Letendre25-29400 FreeLCM4:49.97
1892Denise M Letendre25-29800 FreeLCM9:44.89
1907Denise M Letendre25-29100 BreastLCM1:20.33
1912Denise M Letendre25-29200 BreastLCM2:49.95
19210Denise M Letendre25-29100 FlyLCM1:11.84
1933Denise M Letendre25-29200 FlyLCM2:31.30
1945Denise M Letendre25-29200 IMLCM2:32.64
1952Denise M Letendre25-29400 IMLCM5:20.93
1962Denise M Letendre25-29200 FreeSCM2:16.42
1973Denise M Letendre25-29400 FreeSCM4:50.29
1982Denise M Letendre25-29800 FreeSCM9:51.34
1997Denise M Letendre25-29100 BreastSCM1:22.55
2001Denise M Letendre25-29200 BreastSCM2:48.10
2014Denise M Letendre25-29200 FlySCM2:30.03
2022Denise M Letendre25-29200 IMSCM2:32.60
2032Denise M Letendre25-29400 IMSCM5:23.44
2046Denise M Letendre25-29200 FreeSCY1:57.91
2057Denise M Letendre25-29200 BreastSCY2:29.17
2062Denise M Letendre25-29200 FlySCY2:09.97
2074Denise M Letendre25-29200 IMSCY2:11.79
2082Denise M Letendre25-29400 IMSCY4:40.26
20910Eric S Limkemann30-34500 FreeSCY5:00.33
2104Eric S Limkemann30-341650 FreeSCY17:01.05
2117Shirley A Loftus-Charley60-64200 FreeLCM2:44.75
21210Shirley A Loftus-Charley60-64400 FreeLCM5:46.55
2135Shirley A Loftus-Charley60-64800 FreeLCM11:32.43
2149Shirley A Loftus-Charley60-64100 FlyLCM1:33.61
2152Shirley A Loftus-Charley60-64200 IMLCM3:10.15
2162Shirley A Loftus-Charley60-64400 IMLCM6:37.89
2173Shirley A Loftus-Charley60-64100 FreeSCM1:13.81
2182Shirley A Loftus-Charley60-64200 FreeSCM2:36.40
2193Shirley A Loftus-Charley60-64400 FreeSCM5:25.69
2202Shirley A Loftus-Charley60-64800 FreeSCM10:57.96
2211Shirley A Loftus-Charley60-641500 FreeSCM20:50.46
2228Shirley A Loftus-Charley60-64100 BackSCM1:29.47
2234Shirley A Loftus-Charley60-64200 BackSCM3:04.83
2248Shirley A Loftus-Charley60-64100 BreastSCM1:39.68
2253Shirley A Loftus-Charley60-64200 BreastSCM3:29.25
2268Shirley A Loftus-Charley60-6450 FlySCM38.11
2273Shirley A Loftus-Charley60-64100 FlySCM1:25.94
2283Shirley A Loftus-Charley60-64200 FlySCM3:12.13
2295Shirley A Loftus-Charley60-64100 IMSCM1:26.37
2304Shirley A Loftus-Charley60-64200 IMSCM3:01.42
2311Shirley A Loftus-Charley60-64400 IMSCM6:16.99
2328Shirley A Loftus-Charley60-64200 FreeSCY2:22.76
2335Shirley A Loftus-Charley60-64500 FreeSCY6:12.44
2343Shirley A Loftus-Charley60-641000 FreeSCY12:32.72
2351Shirley A Loftus-Charley60-641650 FreeSCY20:47.23
2368Shirley A Loftus-Charley60-64200 BackSCY2:44.83
2376Shirley A Loftus-Charley60-64200 BreastSCY3:08.33
23810Shirley A Loftus-Charley60-64100 FlySCY1:18.79
2393Shirley A Loftus-Charley60-64200 FlySCY2:48.36
2403Shirley A Loftus-Charley60-64200 IMSCY2:41.80
2413Shirley A Loftus-Charley60-64400 IMSCY5:36.46
2428Susan E Marens70-7450 BreastLCM56.28
24310Susan E Marens70-74100 BreastLCM2:10.82
2445Susan E Marens70-74200 BreastLCM4:39.69
2459Susan E Marens70-7450 FlyLCM58.32
2468Susan E Marens70-74100 BreastSCM2:09.34
2474Susan E Marens70-74200 BreastSCM4:35.95
2489Judy Martin70-74100 BackLCM2:05.33
2498Judy Martin70-74800 FreeSCM17:35.79
2506Patricia M Miller50-5450 BreastLCM40.10
2519Patricia M Miller50-54100 BreastLCM1:30.05
25210Patricia M Miller50-54200 BreastLCM3:19.68
2537Alison Moore40-44800 FreeLCM11:44.16
2544Alison Moore40-441500 FreeLCM21:58.23
2555Deanne L Moosman35-391000 FreeSCY11:56.14
2569Deanne L Moosman35-39100 BackSCY1:05.81
25710Deanne L Moosman35-39200 BackSCY2:23.77
2589Deanne L Moosman35-39200 BreastSCY2:42.76
2598Deanne L Moosman35-39400 IMSCY5:06.13
2604Rachel A Nelson18-2450 FreeSCY23.86
2611Rachel A Nelson18-24100 FreeSCY52.01
2622Rachel A Nelson18-24100 FlySCY56.68
2636Alfred C Newbury80-84200 BackSCM4:17.03
2649Ken Novell70-74100 FreeSCY1:04.53
26510Kelly Parker Palace50-5450 FreeSCM30.32
2666Kelly Parker Palace50-54100 FreeSCM1:05.13
2671Kelly Parker Palace50-54200 FreeSCM2:19.66
2683Kelly Parker Palace50-54400 FreeSCM4:53.27
2693Kelly Parker Palace50-54800 FreeSCM10:03.94
2706Kelly Parker Palace50-54200 BackSCM2:47.07
2714Kelly Parker Palace50-54400 IMSCM5:57.12
27210Val R Van Horn Pate50-5450 BackLCM36.39
2737Val R Van Horn Pate50-54200 BackLCM2:53.21
27410Val R Van Horn Pate50-54200 FlyLCM3:08.67
27510Jay Peluso40-44200 IMSCY2:07.08
2769Claire C Russo30-34200 FreeLCM2:26.28
2776Claire C Russo30-34100 BreastLCM1:23.54
2784Claire C Russo30-34200 BreastLCM3:00.71
2798Claire C Russo30-34200 IMLCM2:43.24
28010Claire C Russo30-3450 BreastSCM37.37
2815Claire C Russo30-34100 BreastSCM1:22.21
2826Claire C Russo30-34200 BreastSCM2:56.61
28310Claire C Russo30-34200 IMSCM2:42.64
2849Claire C Russo30-34200 BreastSCY2:36.67
2852Beth Schreiner70-7450 FreeLCM38.16
2861Beth Schreiner70-74100 FreeLCM1:27.97
2871Beth Schreiner70-74200 FreeLCM3:21.46
2882Beth Schreiner70-7450 BackLCM46.70
2892Beth Schreiner70-74100 BackLCM1:49.12
2901Beth Schreiner70-7450 FreeSCM37.81
2911Beth Schreiner70-74100 FreeSCM1:28.30
2924Beth Schreiner70-74200 FreeSCM3:18.18
2933Beth Schreiner70-7450 BackSCM46.95
2942Beth Schreiner70-7450 FreeSCY34.18
2952Beth Schreiner70-74200 FreeSCY2:56.51
2963Beth Schreiner70-7450 BackSCY42.00
2979Richard A Scott75-79200 FlySCY6:21.59
2987Terry Sokolik85-8950 FreeSCM1:07.18
2996Terry Sokolik85-8950 BackSCM1:27.33
3006Terry Sokolik85-89100 BackSCM3:11.45
3016Terry Sokolik85-8950 BreastSCM1:36.66
3027Chris L Stevenson50-5450 FreeLCM26.44
3031Chris L Stevenson50-54200 FreeLCM2:08.24
3042Chris L Stevenson50-54400 FreeLCM4:32.22
3054Chris L Stevenson50-5450 BackLCM29.99
3063Chris L Stevenson50-54100 BackLCM1:03.71
3071Chris L Stevenson50-54200 BackLCM2:22.61
3082Chris L Stevenson50-5450 FlyLCM27.18
3091Chris L Stevenson50-54100 FlyLCM1:01.48
31010Lori C Strobl30-3450 BackLCM35.36
3117Brady Thomas25-29800 FreeSCM11:23.49
3129Shaun P Timothy35-39200 IMSCM2:31.22
31310Kelsey A Trom35-39800 FreeSCM11:32.00
3149Miriam K Tuovila85-8950 FreeSCM1:23.27
3155Miriam K Tuovila85-8950 BreastSCM1:29.03
3167Miriam K Tuovila85-8950 BackSCY1:17.03
3173Miriam K Tuovila85-8950 BreastSCY1:16.04
3184Miriam K Tuovila85-89100 BreastSCY2:46.42
3192Miriam K Tuovila85-89200 BreastSCY6:03.56
3204Miriam K Tuovila85-89100 IMSCY2:52.59
3218Laura S Walker75-7950 FreeLCM46.10
3228Laura S Walker75-79100 FreeLCM1:47.56
3236Laura S Walker75-7950 BackLCM55.42
3248Laura S Walker75-79200 BackLCM4:23.72
3253Laura S Walker75-79100 BackSCM1:58.95
3264Laura S Walker75-79200 BackSCM4:17.65
3277Laura S Walker75-7950 FreeSCY39.78
3288Laura S Walker75-79100 FreeSCY1:29.04
3298Laura S Walker75-7950 BackSCY47.78
3309Laura S Walker75-79100 BackSCY1:47.09
3312William J Walters30-34200 FreeLCM2:01.46
3322William J Walters30-34400 FreeLCM4:19.88
3332William J Walters30-34400 IMLCM4:51.24
3349Barbara M Zaremski75-7950 FreeLCM47.71
3359Barbara M Zaremski75-7950 BackLCM1:00.64
3364Barbara M Zaremski75-79200 FlyLCM5:45.40
3373Barbara M Zaremski75-79200 FlySCY5:05.88
3385Barbara M Zaremski75-79400 IMSCY9:05.27
3395Strobl, Andres, Phillips, Joslin120-159200 Free RelayLCM2:03.13
3404Strobl, Glasgow, Gregory, Cattoni120-159200 Medley RelayLCM2:23.23
3416Pate, Jaeger, Russo, Letendre160-199200 Free RelayLCM2:04.01
3427Jaeger, Russo, Letendre, Miller160-199200 Medley RelayLCM2:24.80
3431Detrick, Schreiner, Gault, Barry280-319200 Free RelayLCM2:29.97
3442Walker, Hlavacek, Boslego, Durrant280-319200 Free RelayLCM2:53.97
3451Barry, Detrick, Gault, Schreiner280-319200 Medley RelayLCM2:58.66
3463Martin, Boslego, Hlavacek, Durrant280-319200 Medley RelayLCM3:36.09
3471Barry, Detrick, Loftus-Charley, Walker280-319400 Medley RelayLCM6:54.11
3481Loftus-Charley, Walker, Detrick, Barry280-319800 Free RelayLCM13:30.52
3493Ericson, Cockrell, Stevenson, Harris160-199200 Medley RelayLCM1:59.45
3505Stevenson, Holland, Harris, Deppe200-239200 Free RelayLCM1:49.32
35110Stone, Butts, Swiger, Frogley240-279400 Medley RelayLCM8:02.71
3527Butts, Swiger, Stone, Frogley240-279800 Free RelayLCM16:30.89
3535Letendre, Dudley, Ericson, Hogan100-119200 Free RelayLCM1:53.72
3549Stevenson, Russo, Letendre, Romo160-199200 Medley RelayLCM2:11.75
35510Barry, Schreiner, Frogley, Galletly280-319200 Free RelayLCM2:39.40
3568Schreiner, Frogley, Gault, Galletly280-319200 Medley RelayLCM3:06.69
3579Loftus-Charley, Russo, Letendre, Dudley120-159200 Medley RelaySCM2:29.18
3581Barry, Detrick, Loftus-Charley, Walker280-319200 Medley RelaySCM2:56.56
3593Martin, Marens, Hlavacek, Blood280-319200 Medley RelaySCM3:46.35
3601Meredith, Averette, Hlavacek, Sokolik320-359400 Medley RelaySCM10:59.06
3617Deppe, Saks, Harris, Triepel200-239400 Free RelaySCM4:18.73
3627Clear, Dudley, Letendre, Harris120-159200 Free RelaySCM1:58.21
3638Barley, Russo, Holland, Letendre120-159200 Medley RelaySCM2:04.60
36410Shiraz, Borden, Burgess, O'Neill120-159400 Free RelaySCM5:12.42
3656Clear, Letendre, Dudley, Harris120-159400 Medley RelaySCM4:53.40
3669Cho, Thoresen, McDonald, Fontana120-159400 Medley RelaySCM5:23.37
3674Letendre, Swiger, Romo, Loftus-Charley200-239800 Free RelaySCM11:15.46
3687Loftus-Charley, Swiger, Boslego, Romo240-279400 Free RelaySCM5:21.66
3698Boslego, Swiger, Braaten, Nelson240-279400 Medley RelaySCM6:38.65
3708Jaeger, Conlin, Braaten, Loftus-Charley45+400 Medley RelaySCY5:13.81
3715Romo, Swiger, Mccorkle, McFarland55+400 Medley RelaySCY5:01.38
3724McFarland, Romo, Swiger, Mccorkle55+800 Free RelaySCY9:49.54
3738Sober, Gaulrapp, Novell, Hewes65+200 Free RelaySCY2:01.45
3743Sober, Gaulrapp, Novell, Hewes65+400 Free RelaySCY4:45.69
3753Sober, Gaulrapp, Novell, Hewes65+400 Medley RelaySCY5:49.90
3767Clear, Harris, Dudley, Letendre25+400 Free RelaySCY3:47.78
3775Braaten, Loftus-Charley, Swiger, Mccorkle55+400 Free RelaySCY4:48.47
3783Romo, Swiger, Braaten, Loftus-Charley55+400 Medley RelaySCY5:41.47
3794Romo, Swiger, Braaten, Loftus-Charley55+800 Free RelaySCY10:43.45
3804Francis, Klioze, Cheadle, Walker75+400 Free RelaySCY7:45.00