Here are some forms that are used by athletes, meet directors, and event directors.

Current as of 8/19/2023

Individual RegistrationRegister with USMS as a member of the Virginia LMSC. Click to register online. Membership expires Dec 31 of the current year, and must be renewed annually. You may begin registering Nov 1 for the following year.
30-day Trial RegistrationFor perspective members who would like to try out a few workouts before joining a masters program. One tryout period per lifetime is allowed, and must not exceed 30 consecutive days. During the 30-day tryout period the swimmer may participate in swim practices only.
Club and Workout Group RegistrationClick here to register a team within the Virginia or to register a workout group associated with a parent Virginia LMSC club. LMSC. Like membership, team registration is required annually.
TransferUse this form if you are already registered with a team and would like to transfer membership from one team to another within the LMSC of Virginia.
One-event RegistrationThis form can be used to register swimmers for a single day of competition.  Remember all swimmers in a Sanctioned Masters event must be registered with USMS. Not all sanctioned events (or LMSCs) accept one-event registrations.
One-event Registration (2023)One-event registration form for 2023
Meet Report FormThis form, available in PDF or MS Word formats, is to be used by meet directors after a swim meet to notify the LMSC of the financial status of the meet.
Open Water Report FormThis form, available in PDF or MS Word formats, is to be used by OW event directors to notify the LMSC of the financial status of the event.
Observer Report FormObserver reports are required for all Recognized meets to verify that the meet was conducted according to applicable USMS rules and regulations.
USMS Adult Learn to SwimUSMS Adult Learn to Swim (ALTS) Course Virginia LMSC Reimbursement Form
USMS Coaching Level 1USMS Coaching Certification – Level 1 Virginia LMSC Reimbursement Form
USMS Coaching Level 2 & 3USMS Coaching Certification – Level 2 & 3 Virginia LMSC Reimbursement Form

Receiving your first issue of USMS Swimmer

Newly-registered swimmers sometimes ask why they haven’t yet received their first issue of USMS SWIMMER Magazine in the mail.  The Magazine is published bimonthly by United States Masters Swimming, and new members generally receive their first issue in the mail within 6-8 weeks of joining USMS.

New members may access all issues online immediately upon registration, so long as you have set up a USMS Discussion Forum account. These accounts are not automatically created when you register for USMS, but you only need to create it once, not every time you renew your registration. Further instructions (and a description of all the benefits of creating an account) are given on the My USMS page.